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  • Hi

    (still can't PM to you, so this is not-so-PM reply:)
    Will send info tomorrow - got to dig around a bit for it. Also Caxton is out tomorrow, so a whole new round of adverts to look at.

    Hope you are enjoying your trip!
    (Company firewall blocking my PMs; and Gmail refusing to send mail, hence message here)....

    Thanks for the message. I'll get the stuff together and lodge a complaint. I know it is a relatively minor issue, but like I said before they have never fully complied, and if there's one thing that pisses me off it's when people act with impunity.

    I hope you enjoy your trip, and be safe. No doubt you will be missed on the forum :)
    i understand that you guys dont have pricing etc or a date that the iPhone will be released etc...

    But do you suppose that pricing will be released in advance to the actual phone?

    Say for instance if the phone is scheduled for the end of August. When would be be looking at for the pricing structure?

    Shot man.
    Hi Vodacom3G

    I am using a Huawei E220 modem. I am on prepaid. When I first bought it (November last year) the speed was quite fast but now it's super slow. Would this have anything to do with the HSDPA 3.6 trial ? I was not even aware that I was on a trial I assumed that was the speed that was going to be maintained

    Secondly I often hear people being advised to select a 3G only option but when I look at the VMC dashboard no such options exist. The only time I come across 3G is the option where you are selecting the network and my setting always indicate 3G is the "current" option. Is there no way I could speed this thing up cause right now the speed is the same as the MTN data speed I used to experience when I was still using my Nokia N73 to connect to the internet.
    Just as a itty bitty warning *shrugs* would it not be better to send such delicate info via PM instead of it being visible to all.

    I'm a nice guy, but the web is full of snoops as we all know :eek:

    Just a thought ;)
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