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    iPhone - SMS Delivery Reports Vodacom

    I do remember I passed it on and there was some story around it. Let me ask again.
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    The Official 3G Iphone Thread

    Definitely a 3G phone.
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    DNS vulnerability issue

    Anyone tested the Vodacom 3G DNS servers with the doxpara test for the DNS vulnerability issue? If you do, please post your area and the APN you're using. Something like: - JHB:internet - fine / not fine.
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    Content Adaption [re-rendering content] for displaying web pages on mobile phones etc

    FAQ I'll try and post a summary of the Content Adaptation system launched on the 25th/26th of June and answers to common questions here. What is it? Simply put, a Content-Adaptation process (CA) of reformatting web pages on-the-fly to fit better on small screen devices (SSD) and thus...
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    Yebo 4 Less

    Vodacom announced the launch of a new Prepaid tariff plan called Yebo4Less. This tariff plan offers customers variable discounts based on the customers location and time of day. The tariff plan is a per second tariff plan with a flat standard base rate that is applicable all day; i.e. there...
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    WiMax from Vodacom Service Provider

    My first WiMAX post! :D results on a 1024/512 service: 991/475 with 94ms latency
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    Vodacom Problems: Slow Throughput, trying to Connect, DNS, High Latency

    This thread has been started fresh General update on the problems seen on the Vodacom data network over the recent period: There are 2 major categories of problems currently on the network: 1) Disconnects or no-connect when trying to access the network This mostly affects...
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    Mac Support

    VMC software for Mac users - 2.06 VMC 2.06 (build This version of the Vodafone Mobile Connect software is specifically for Apple Macintosh users. It is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and Apple Macs with Intel processors, as well as supporting all the previous...
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    [South Africa only] How to get your Vodacom Huawei E620 Data Card modem unlocked

    A process is being put into place to unlock network-locked cards already in circulation. This process will commence on the 1st of September and will require the customer who wants his card unlocked to take it to the nearest Vodacare where it will be unlocked for free. Obviously all new cards...
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    New 3G / HSDPA Tariffs

    The following three letters would have gone out to the current VSP 3G and HSDPA users. Depending on your current status, you'll receive one of them. 1) If you're currently on 3G 2) If you're currently on HSDPA 3) If you're currently using bolt-on's THE PURPOSE OF THIS COMMUNICATION IS...
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    Free HSDPA Swapout

    Hot off the press: Due to the recent successful introduction of HSDPA to the South African market, Vodacom today announced that, effective 21 April 2006, any customer who owns a locally purchased Vodacom 3G Data Connect Card can visit any Vodacom approved outlet for a free swop-out for a 3G...
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    Vodacom's EDGE Strategy [and EDGE Q&A]

    There's been a lot of questions around Vodacom's EDGE strategy lately. Herewith some clarity on this and other bearer networks Vodacom are deploying. 1) It's important to remember that GSM is NOT the future for data networks. EDGE is the last iteration of the GSM technology and effectively is...
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    [Read This First] FAQ: Vodacom's Data, Data Bundles, 3G, HSDPA, HSUPA, EDGE, etc

    Please look here first for information pertaining to the Vodacom HSDPA/3G/EDGE/GPRS data services. Please posts any suggestions in this thread and I'll add them in. Additional FAQ for Data Bundles (Contract & Pre-paid) Additional FAQ for HSDPA Additional FAQ for Vista Additional FAQ for...
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    Unrestricted APN

    The History There are 3 'consumer' APN's available to the Vodacom user base: internet - NAT'd IP with all incoming ports blocked, i.e. you can connect to any service with no blocking or shaping of any kind, but your PC can't accept incoming connections. This is out-and-out to protect users...