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    A friend of mine told me you are the person to contact who could possibly answer these questions.
    I have a Huawei E220 modem with MTN autopage on a 2 year contract. Number is 0833344792. I stay in Edgemead, 7441 area code and for the last two days reception has been almost non existent. I will log on and get chucked off within 20 seconds, log on again, get chucked off again and so that is my whole day.

    Can you please shed any light on the problem. Has MTN reduced their reception or are they servicing stuff or what as I have a business to run and cant operate if I haveno internet access.


    dude,. plse help,.. may seem petty,. but i would like to get out of my mtn contract with as little xtra cost as possible,.. mail me at dion786@saol.com if you can assist,.. The are trying to tell me that if i cancel now 2months in advance that i owe some ridiculous amount,.. really,. fools,.. Thanks in advance
    helllooooooo. So this is wher the grownups hang out :D
    Quick question: Which Blackberry do you recommend?
    Hi snakepit

    I'm delivering a shirt to Pitbull tomorrow or Monday and I was wondering if you worked at MTN on 14th Ave in Fairlands? If so could I drop one off for you while I'm in the region?

    Let me know what size, your name and surname and which building I can leave it at.

    Best regards,

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