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    Tankless geysers

    I opted to go gas a few years back. I have a gas geyser (Bosch) as well as a gas stove running off a set of bottles with a switchover mounted outside. The geyser requires absolutely zero electricity supply or batteries. The new geysers have a turbine ignition system built into the line which...
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    Frogfoot Port Elizabeth

    Unfortunately it was a clueless person from my ISP that told me that. Luckily when calling again I got through to a competent person who assisted me and sorted out the matter. I was up and running again by 17h15. As luck would have it my UPS also decided to play up during load shedding which...
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    Frogfoot Port Elizabeth

    Thanks. I was told all of Newton Park is dead.
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    Frogfoot Port Elizabeth

    Is your connection still live? All dead on my side above 7th avenue Newton Park
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    Does anyone have experience of axxess dsl?

    I was with Axxess VDSL/Telkom on a 40meg line for a few years and in all fairness to them had excellent service. I have just recently swapped to fibre which has finally gone live in my area.
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    Logitech MX Master unavailibilty in SA

    If anyone is still interested I just received my MX Master 3 from Wootware today. I think they still have stock available.
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    Frogfoot Port Elizabeth

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    Frogfoot Port Elizabeth

    Same here. Just got connected yesterday after a 1 year wait and all was well at 101/102 Low and behold I'm now down to 5/102 :confused::confused::confused:
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    Best iPhone Apps

    Shazam Skype Nimbuzz Evernote and the list goes on.........
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    Upgrade firmware on "Jailbrokened" Iphone

    Great...glad to hear you sorted it out
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    Upgrade firmware on "Jailbrokened" Iphone

    You should maybe try redsnow (Google it) if you have a PC. Not sure it it works with a Mac. It is a bit more complicated than spirit but it works. It worked perfectly on my first iPhone (2G) Make sure you have read the post thoroughly before proceeding.
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    Upgrade firmware on "Jailbrokened" Iphone

    You will need to follow this link and download the spirit jailbreak. It is the easiest jailbreak on the market, but it cannot unlock your carrier e.g if you are with Vodacom it is not a problem (Cell-C and MTN might be a problem depending on the version of the baseband...
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    The iPhone Tips/Tricks/Apps thread

    MMS on 2G Jailbroken iPhone with OS 3.0 If you have a 2G iPhone and have jailbroken it with OS 3.0 and are interested in having MMS working do the following. Firstly follow this link from your PC browser "" and write down the relevant APS setting for your...