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    You can't get more Judeo Christian than Islam

    Or maybe the reason why the Quarter Pounder With Cheese tastes so much like the McRoyale is because they have the same Producer.
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    Imagine All The People

    Something beautiful is happening in the US, in the form of Bernie Sanders, and it is not politics. It is social psychology at its best. It is the way a nation heals itself. Corporates, media moguls and other billionaires are want to suppress it, to neutralise it, and with rulthlessness and...
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    Takealot Vouchers (Begging) Thread

    15% OFF Academic Books! Simply enter this unique code at checkout: W7JX-79ZZ-2TFD Valid until 31 August 2015. One coupon per person. Standard T&Cs apply. Post if you use...
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    Car audio with Bluetooth?

    So exactly what does it mean when a car audio system, such as a frontloader, has Bluetooth? Does it mean that: 1. One can stream audio files to the frontloader via Bluetooth 2. That the system can handle calls from from a paired cellphone, much like those Parrot devices 3. Both of...
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    A Muslim journey through Creationism and Evolution

    Related Threads: * Introduction to Islam * Muslim call to Christians * Redirected Arguments The following is an account of my own journey through creationism and the Theory of Evolution (ToE) My journey starts back in my primary school days, when, during a lesson, the teacher commented...
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    Plz Identify Pink Flower

    Hi there all botanists / aspiring botanist or even amateur gardeners I have been driving past this house fairly regularly, and I have been wondering about these really pretty flowers. Last week I briefly stopped my car in front of the house, and started focusing my old Galaxy S1 on the...
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    To the angry young Muslims...

    Muslim reactions "And how many a prophet We sent among the former peoples, But there would not come to them a prophet except that they used to ridicule him." (Quran 43:6-7) "A strong person is not the person who throws his adversaries to the ground. A strong person is the one who contains...
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    Introduction to Islam

    Introduction to Islam (alt URL: Other threads by me: * Journey through Evolution * Muslim call to Christians * Redirected arguments This thread deals with the basics of Islam, and aims to dispel myths and misunderstandings. Please refrain from embedding pics and vids...
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    Telkom upgrades active?

    The work's 384 line seems to be a 1 meg line now: This is in the Maitland/Kensington area in Cape Town. I first noticed that a download was much faster than normal. I did a at 8:15 this morning (you will notice it says 6:15 GMT in the pic).
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    The Purpose of Life

    The human search for meaning is no trivial matter, and my attempts to explain the Islamic perspective hardly does justice to the depth of the traditional Islamic explanation. This thread was initially conceived as a response to copacetic's thread. I do, however, feel that this specific response...
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    LibreOffice and donation of OpenOffice

    Hi What do you guys think about the future of the LibreOffice productivity suite as compared to the established MS Office? While periodically I did try, I could never really give MS Word up. In all various jobs that I held through the years, MS Word always had certain functionalities that the...
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    Staging bin Laden's "death"

    Some people have requested links to credible critics of idea of Al-Qaeda's involvement in 9/11. Below I give a link to some internationally respected scholars' explanations. Also note the extract here, from late March 2011, predicting bin Laden's imminent "death" staging. The argument is that...
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    Stoning and the Shariah

    Stoning as a maximum punishment for a very limited type of offence is part of the Shariah. However it is positioned more as a deterrant than as an actual punishment, as it is practically impossible to attain a conviction in a fair Shariah court. This thread derives from some discussions in...
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    The Trinity: a Muslim perspective

    Firstly, let's give an interesting quote by Imam Al-Ghazali, regarded by the Muslim community as one of the foremost classical Islamic scholars and philosophers: The article below by ex-Christian, Timothy Winter, very accurately sums up the Muslim perspective of Trinity: __________________...
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    Farewell Mom

    Bereavement is a state that most humans experience at some point in their lives. For some, it can have a devastating and long lasting impact. Individuals who may appear to have accepted and overcome their respective losses may revert to a state of grief or spontaneously burst out into tears when...