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  • Thanks web. In the meantime, I discovered that the 60 days negotiation applies only for companies with over 200 employees, and when substantial number of them is being retrenched, which is not my case. Accordingly, the negotiations (if any) are not nearly as long.

    Anyway, thanks for your response.

    Hi web,

    Please help.

    In the thread:

    you mentioned, that you've gone through retrenchment and negotiation phase with your employer, utilising the legal procedure for retrenchment. As I was just offered the package from my company, I want to know what are my legal rights, for which I'l consult the professional advisors, but what interests me is those 60 working days of negotiations. Where did you find this?

    Also, did you have any legal advisor\counsellor that you can recommend?

    What was the output of your dispute with the company? :)

    Best regards
    Don't know anything about iGO found this website but it does not look like you can add maps..
    Hello, I am searching without success how to install gps maps. I imported a gps from the east without South African Maps (Igo) - you can search this under my nick on the mybb forums. The problem is that this program uses Windows CE and a cannot for the life of me find a proper guide as how to install any navigation program with ZA Maps. I just saw your post at a GPS forum and thought you might be able to help.
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