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  • Hi there

    If possible could you please help me with the following inquiries? I have seen in prior discussions that you have knowlege relating to tax

    What are the statutory deductions for a general employee? E.g an accountant, percentages?
    I know there is UIF, pensionfund and medical aid. Are there perhaps more?
    What are alternatives for a pension fund with regards to old age retirement? Providen fund?

    How would I go about calculating monthly tax deduction if I earned e.g R21 000?

    And lastly, I have chosen to invest, lets say, R1000 PER MONTH. What would my investment be after 20 years? I would need to know the current interest rate right?

    I have answers to these questions, but I just need a second opinion. It would be highly appreciated if you could provide them. If you wish not do so, it will be okay, and I apologize for any inconvience caused.

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