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    Account issues with virgin active

    I had a Virgin contract 11 years ago , went onto Discovery ,got the gym for free . Virgin handed me over , even today MBD Attorneys phones and send SMS's . I just laugh and put the phone down.
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    Second hard lockdown warning for South Africa

    Would could say , there is a world wide script and everyone is following it , but then again only a conspiracy theorist would say that
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    Cancelling Rain

    I cancelled RAIN , on the portal . Got the Telkom 1TB deal . So far no issues
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    Watch GT 2e vs Watch Series 6 vs Galaxy Watch 3 - The best smartwatches in South Africa

    GT2e , you have to install back end programs , to get any custom watch faces on it . Huawei is made for communist countries , no freedom . Phone bootloaders are also locked .
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    MikroTik LHG LTE 17dBi Outdoor CPE | RBLHGR&R11e-LTE Do anybody own one of these , or have some feedback . I have the Telkom 1TB deal , current...
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    Chance of a second coronavirus wave in South Africa: Mkhize

    For all the pro vaxxers Your two shots off vaccines is almost ready . " The company has said it hopes to make 100 million doses available this year and a massive 1,3 billion available in...
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    Quantum Tunnels Show How Particles Can Break the Speed of Light

    1928 , and yet they pushed Einsteins theory on the masses
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    Upcoming Games

    I have these two games from AMD Rewards , Godfall I am going to keep. Is there away I can give World of WarCraft away , if anybody is interested and if I can , he/she can have the game for free. Not my type of game
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    a frustrated user needs root access please

    I rooted my Note 10 right out of the box with Magisk manager and fastboot . Why root . Zero bloatware Adds free mobile
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    a frustrated user needs root access please

    Any root access , mod the boot.img
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    MTN 1TB deals

    Think it is R 2400 , upfront
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    MTN 1TB deals

    Have the same one , got it from Axxess , not being used at the moment
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    MTN 1TB deals

    Just went into the MTN shop , the lady was very nice , there is no month to month deal without buying the over priced router . She showed me there Excel spreadsheet , all deals with the router