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    4 Power Lines on a pole.

    DC is actually the best transmission method with the lowest losses, but protection is an issue. You can generate 3ph from 1ph. Either with an electronic inverter or mechanically, running a single phase motor connected to a 3ph generator, but that is not really practical.
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    Changing routers for better Wifi connection?

    Why do you need a router? You already have a Microtik unit. Perhaps look at an Ubiquity AP. They have very good radio's.
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    Is 35k ZAR enough to live in Cape Town?

    If your job is in CBD, will you be working normal hours of flexi time? Commuting in CapeTown, especially office hours is a nightmare! Does your company supply parking? WHo pays for that? If not, you would have to look at public transport, as parking in the CBD is expensive!!! Now that narrows...
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    Huawei Mate 20 Pro - The best smartphone to survive load-shedding

    In general the Mi phones have a 4000mAh battery. No matter what, that will last you a very long time. I always laugh at the guys with their fancy phones running around looking for charging points and having to carry huge power banks around with them. Mi Note 5 easily lasts 2 days.
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    Telkom launching new way to cancel accounts

    Telkom took so long to process my cancellation, I have not had to pay any bills for the last 6 months :)
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    Taking lights and internet off the Grid (mostly)

    If you have the money and looking towards the future, look at the Goodwe Hybrid, GW5048D-ES. With a unit like this you are covered for any future expansions. For now add batteries and you sorted for power dips and load shedding. In the future you can add PV panels and if you add enough, bring...
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    wifi not reaching all points of house

    Standard these units is set to channel 7, so you can get issues from other units in the building. Get yourself an app like WiFi Analyse on your phone. See which channels is open and try them out. Different channels can give different speeds. Switch N mode off. Your connection speed will drop...
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    My Aquaponics Project

    Bloody hell, great view!!! For me tomatoes worked the best.
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    Evacuated solar tube

    There could be so many issues here... Firstly, make sure the pump is working. The green ones is prone to rust build-up. Those you have to clean once every 6 months. Next is to check if the water actually gets to the collector on the vacuum tube. Did you remember to put silicone grease on the...
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    Cooking over fire: stainless vs cast-iron cookware

    Then you should go for plain cast-iron, not the coated stuff. Coated stuff and stainless will go black very quickly in the flames.
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    Off-Road Buggies

    Hi, Ever since school I have always dreamed of building my own off-road vehicle. Well, during the past year I have done just that! Of course as with all of these wild idea's, we always go about it halve-arsed :/ Now I have a nice buggy, and not really anywhere to go :( Basically the...