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    AMD EPYC VPS Beta Testers required.

    Would also like to take part in the beta @Jade @ Absolute Hosting Thanks!
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    Please do a MyBroadband speed test on Rain

    Not too bad in Centurion as well:
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    6-month R350 relief grant for the unemployed

    Same my side says approved and Payday 6th but have not gotten a sms asking for payment details at all
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    Big Giveaway- Enter Now

    RED Professional+ Unlimited Minutes 10GB Data PM Unlimited SMS R 2999 PMx24 Includes: Galaxy Tab S6 64GB + Keyboard Cover Additional 30GB + MyMeg500 + Business Internet LTE 50GB Anytime + 50GB Night Owl I would say
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    6-month R350 relief grant for the unemployed

    Was finally approved 2 weeks ago no sms for banking details or such as of yet status was just showing approved for MAY2020
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    Steam gift/gift vouchers

    Vouchers should work regardless of region as he can just add them to his steam account and it will be converted to his local currency
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    6-month R350 relief grant for the unemployed

    Applied myself on the 24th of May but still pending most likely due to me having a tax number that has had no activity for over a year
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    The Gauteng Weather and Storm Warning Thread!

    Started raining in Centurion/Highveld aswell now pretty cold but not as bad i as i thought
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    Telkom 10Mbps or PC Network wireless15Mbps

    Go with someone else then PCNetwork was with them years ago they where horrible and used their own tracker in torrents to track what you use your internet for no idea how they forced it even on private trackers it would insert a pcnetwork tracker. so just be careful...very careful
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    FNB Covid-19 Cashflow Relief

    Any updates on this also have a Covid-19 Cashflow Relief account showing i owe close to 15k but not having used any of it or gotten any cash into my account itself.
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    Rain is actively dropping connections

    Our tower has been completely down this side for 4G/5G for the last 2 weeks really pathetic. CellID: 90752358
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    Ban on alcohol and cigarettes in South Africa remains

    The cANCer is not allowed i say. hopefully this retarded govt burns.