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  • Hey man, was wondering if I could get some advice from you....
    Does mtn offer an unrestriced APN like Vodacom for its mobile broadband subscribers? I really want to make use of this service if MTN does offer it....

    Greetings sir. Was wondering if Mtn TopUP subscribers can load Once Off Data Bundles(exchange my airtime for data?), if YES then how. Thanx alot, cheers.
    Recharging your Data Bundle
    Just buy 2 or more SIM Cards, it only cost R2 for a starter pack, and you can reuse the SIM after 30 days again.
    That way you will be able to "recharge" your Data Bundle more that once on different SIM Cards.
    I know a lot of people that do it that way for years now.
    By the way MTN Data Dude, it’s a stupid policy, because this just wastes Cell phone numbers, and clogs ups the landfills with starter packs.
    Dude please help me out.Its been a week now and i got no 3G coverage anymore.I am in durban-phoenix.I used to get 3G speeds up to 45 kbps now i just get edge between 4.5 kbps and 9 kbps.Whats going on with mtn? My friends also having a problem with mtns 3G service.We get no 3G network.Its for the past 7 days and my data bundle going to expire soon.I cant download anything anymore.Having problems because theres no 3G network.Please help.My data bundle going to expire !
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