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    Why SA's driver's licence renewal system is a mess

    Last time I went with a certificate from an optometrist in hand, they still insisted I do the eye test.
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    Post Office's plan to handle all courier deliveries in South Africa - outsource it

    Should read "We can't do anything ourselves..."
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    South Africans in the poorest 40% of the world - Mike Schussler

    So this is what people mean when they say there is no stopping the new dawn?
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    South Africa's Minister of Defence vs the US Secretary of Defense

    We had the institutions, the anc destroyed them
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    How Ballito residents protected their community when the police where nowhere to be found

    This is why I always find it so funny when people say the anc won't "allow" a province so secede. As if they will be able to stop it.
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    Free Market Foundation (FMF) bestows award upon PANDA for championing freedom during the pandemic

    Covid and the clash of ideologies A recent presentation by Panda. Well worth watching.
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    R186 billion in irregular expenditure from South African municipalities in a decade

    Our growing urban crisis This should not be news to anyone, the ruin than the anc has visited on most small towns is clear to see.
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    WATCH: President Ramaphosa’s iPad “Stolen”

    Our glorious leader left speechless by a misplaced iPad.
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    Gauteng teacher falsely accused of sexually assaulting pupil cleared

    Yes, this is exactly the same as some cadre getting caught red handed.
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    Informal settlement builds own toilets after not receiving the service from the City

    I hope you did not buy that property before building a house, the correct way is to steal (invade, grab, whatever) some and only then demand that everything gets built for you. Then when they refuse you are a victim of poor service delivery instead of a common criminal for some reason.
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    R460-million Gauteng hospital stands empty due to healthcare worker shortages

    And yet the useful idiots keep telling us how much more efficiently our money will be spent in a single payer system.
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    Lesufi’s Gauteng Department of Education joins the corrupt crowd feeding off Covid-19

    This is more naive than believing in the new dawn
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    South African Airways majority stake sold off to private consortium

    It was chancellor house that owned shares. So not government but ANC. And of course this gave us the mess that is medupi and kusile. So anyway it seems we will follow the ussr model of "privatization" where soes will go to cadres anyway.
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    Gordhan: Over R2.1bn recovered in overcoming the 'rot' of state capture

    And then some chump goes "you guys are just being negative, look at all the progress"
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    Gordhan: Over R2.1bn recovered in overcoming the 'rot' of state capture

    "New administration". None so blind as those who will not see.