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  • yes..i agree. my sister were recently broken into while i was house sitting for her. i asked the cops what are the chances they will.catch them. they told.me the chances are 0. only reason to open a case is for the insurance. it sucks
    hello yotch. i am sorry...but not able to assist. this must be done via saps and unfortunately we know how that goes. such functionality does not even exist on the system that i use for security reasons. only fraud and risk do.
    Dear Yotch

    Please find the Wantitall competition instructions for the weekend competition here.

    Kindly note that only 3 entries per person are allowed. If any of your posts are draw you will be disqualified for posting 6 entries.

    Thank you and have a nice day.
    Hay there… I noticed that you kind of know your stuff. I need to do research on the industry; trends and future needs and would love to pick your brain. Is it okay if I send you a couple of questions from time to time? Won’t be too difficult , I promise!
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