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    microSD for after market navigation system iGo Primo stolen

    Can anyone point me in the right direction. Last year I upgraded the maps using the provided tool from NaviExtras. We took the car to the panel beaters and never removed the SDCard Conversion card. When we got the car back the microSD with the software on it was stolen. To make things worse...
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    LIT FreeMe Family (MultiSIM) -- normal data zero and YT/Netflix still not working

    I have a FreeME Family MultiSIM. One additional SIM is used at home for connectivity. I have allocated 5GB normal data to that SIM which ran out last night. I thought because of LIT i'd still be able to access YouTube and/or Netflix, but this did not work. Has anyone else had experience...
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    Override DNS on Mobile device

    Anyone know if there is a way to override the Primary / Secondary DNS settings on mobile device, whether on "firmware" level or O/S level. Any ideas welcome.
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    Telkom Pace 921VNX Service Status (Shows Not Connected, when in fact ....)

    Anyone come across the same problem with this router. My ISP is not telkom, so even though I am connected to the internet the Service Status shows "you are currently not connected" when everything works fine. I've also noticed that despite all configuration for NAT and firewall are correct...
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    Above platform Red Lights at Sandton station

    Anyone know what those lights are for? I've not taken notice of these at other stations but I know they are not at Pretoria station. Does anyone know whay purpose they serve?
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    PARACON Fineprint prevents 2x pay on Sundays

    PARACON SA (Pty) LTD throws the following fine-print in their contractor's faces when they want to know why they didn't get double pay for working on a Sunday (this is highlighted and sent back to you). "All additional hours worked must be pre-authorized by the Client in writing; and will be...
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    Afrihost New ClientZone full of prettyness

    I must say, I like what they've done with the new ClientZone. It's still in Beta so there is a glitch here or there such as when you update a field, the screen scrolls up/down making it hard to find your place quickly :erm: ; but it's comfortable to use and I was able to update some details in...
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    PCI-Express RAID Card that Supports SATA(#)

    Anyone know where I can buy a RAID Card PCI-E where I can collect from (Pretoria/Johannesburg) and any recommendations? I'm not interested in host based RAID or FAKE-RAID etc... but what is generally called hardware RAID, but something that is affordable/entry-level. Thanks for your help...
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    FALSE ADVERTISING - MWeb double debits but displays only the "monthly amount"

    MWeb says that I buy uncapped bandwidth for R539 per month and then they let you sign-up. Then coming, at the end of that month when they are supposed to debit that amount; all of a sudden they invoice you twice the amount, for the month past and the month coming without ANY WARNING (except...
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    WII Homebrew - FANTASTIC :)

    I've had my WII for around a year now; today and yesterday I've been efforting to get the WII Homebrew channel going and I managed to do so with not too much effort or problems. I just want to mention that I am particulalry impressed with the added functionality. I havn't even tried everything...
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    Linux Gaming _ Wine 1.1.0 and COD 4

    How to install Wine 1.1.0 with the 3D Mark patch to play Call of Duty 4 (COD4): Download the Wine 1.1.0 Source code . (1.1.1 is the latest and by the time you read this there might be even newer version already, but this guide is for 1.1.0); Please note the instructions at the end of...
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    Wireless AP - Recommendations :D

    Apologies if there has been such a thread before; I am looking to buy a wireless AP for home use - but it must NOT be a combination ...anything... and it really must not be a marconi; What is good - DLINK LINKSYS Other brands. I dont really want to pay more than say R700 but I am looking...
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    Fed-up driving schools launch e-mail petition

    Fed-up driving schools launch e-mail petition [Pretoria News & Beeld Says] Good Day Today we had an article regarding the petition mounted against the drivers licence and learners license booking system a.k.a Call Centres. Today an article was published in the Pretoria News, and I was...