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  • I am situated in Cape Town but it sounds like a nice group you have.

    Out of interest: what does a meeting typically entail?
    If you cancel before the 15th of the month your account will not be charged for the following month (i.e. not 30 days cancellation)

    Pro-rata billing
    Pro rata billing for everyone...
    Due to the EFT/Debt Order banking issues... if you order the account on the 20th or after we will invoice you for the >=10 days and the following month.

    Immediate invoicing
    Hopefully in place by end next week. This is a new one for me as I expect my invoice after I've paid when dealing online but it has been brought to my attentiona nd so we're changing it. Order confirmation and invoive to be sent immediately after the order process.

    Control Panel
    We have one and it does the typical monitoring etc... you get your login and password details when you ADSL account has been created.
    EDIT: As soon as IS techies reply to us (waiting 2 days now) but is immediate and should be in the next couple of hours
    Thanks a lot zadbnguy.

    Debit Orders or EFT area accepted right now.
    We're still trying to find a bank that won't rip me off for 5% on credit card.
    There just isn't the margin in the product to allow for it and i don't think we should let them win just yet!
    We do have a few rules on how this all works and will cut and paste below as it allows us to keep track of all of this and keep the administration costs to a minimum.
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