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  1. Grant

    Use of old South African flag in avatars

    so now i'm curious as to the purpose of it. to each it has differing meaning. for my part, i regards it as aesthetically more pleasing than the current flag, which to me looks a little infantile. as to the meaning of it, try as i may, i'm only able to associate it with government buildings...
  2. Grant

    Urban Dictionary mugs

    So, I intend having some sets of coffee mugs printed for certain clients as christmas gifts ( set of 6 mugs). Where in Cape Town can one have mugs printed - US$25 at Urban Dictionary is bizarre. Mug suggestions welcome . . eg:
  3. Grant

    Renowned SA designer and artist Carrol Boyes dies
  4. Grant

    Soweto residents say looting will continue until govt deals with 'issues'
  5. Grant

    13 areas confirmed for Thursday's 'total shutdown' in Cape Town
  6. Grant

    Mugabe in Singapore hospital since April: president
  7. Grant

    Russian police make hundreds of arrests at Moscow protest
  8. Grant

    Case of Manenberg teen who raped cousin (4) postponed
  9. Grant

    Visitor registration app - residential buildings & offices

    I've seen these tablet installed apps being used around town as a replacement for the book people scribble in. Looking for something that captures the usual: Name Address Contact Details Place being visited (company / apartment number etc) Photo of visitor Looking for something with device...
  10. Grant

    Divers 'humbled' by Cornwall jellyfish encounter
  11. Grant

    Message in a bottle found in Australia 50 years on
  12. Grant

    Mexican druglord 'El Chapo' sentenced to life in prison
  13. Grant

    Guests, staff at Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel held up by 15 armed men
  14. Grant

    Iranian official threatens to seize British oil tanker
  15. Grant

    Iran to boost uranium enrichment level, breaching nuclear pact - Rouhani
  16. Grant

    WaterGen - water generator

    anyone have any experience with the company / products ? its an israeli developed product - appears to be good
  17. Grant

    Al-Noor orphanage: State to add physical, sex abuse charges against manager
  18. Grant

    Create a dedicated politics section

    Page 1 of News & Current Affairs is Polluted by politics Page 1 today: Donald J. Trump: President of the USA Part III Covfefe New Cabinet JUST IN: EFF ordered to apologise to Trevor Manuel, pay R500 000 in damages US-China trade war could last an entire generation - Economists The Brexit...
  19. Grant

    Four killed in new church attack in Burkina Faso