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    Huawei launches powerhouse P30 and P30 Pro smartphones

    Yeah, they look quite nice, but not for me. My sights are set on next years Galaxy Note 11.
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    Why I left South Africa and what can be done to keep IT execs in the country

    Says those with half a brain. Nobody expects a retard like you to understand the complexity.
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    Beware WhatsApp account hijacking in South Africa

    Yeah. Good old 2FA. Although it's often an inconvenience, it's also another layer of protection and should be used... Until something better and more convenient makes an appearance.
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    Telkom is killing itself

    Yeah, I had problems with the cancellation of my services. Telkom sent me a letter threatening me, so I wrote back to them telling them in no uncertain terms, explicitly detailing their ineptness and incompetence. This was about four months ago and I'm yet to receive a response from them. I'm...
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    Why I left South Africa and what can be done to keep IT execs in the country

    It looks like you've already made your bed but only you have to sleep in it. One of these days you'll be rudely awoken by the facts that you've shortsightedly and obtusely chosen to ignore. Wake up now man, smell the sewage and do something about it. If you don't, you may just live long enough...
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    What happens to electric car owners when load-shedding hits

    Not everyone who wants an electric vehicle wants some BMW pile of crap. I'm sure that other manufacturers of EV's offer the same services. They all have to ape each as far as wooing customers are concerned, otherwise they'll lose out big time. Anyway this country is not an advance and progress...
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    Why I left South Africa and what can be done to keep IT execs in the country

    When you come to think about it, there is no good reason to suffer in this sh1thole of a country. Get out while you still can and enjoy what's left of your life. Leave this country to it's inevitable fate. It's not going to end well.
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    There are over 10,000 corrupt employees at Eskom – Expert

    Yeah, why not. Don't let them go leaving a half baked job behind. Don't half do a job, do it thoroughly or don't do it at all. They've done all the hard yards, they may as well complete it now and leave the country without power and in anarchy.
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    There are over 10,000 corrupt employees at Eskom – Expert

    Why would they care? They don't. They just want to overstuff their coffers as quickly as possible and then hightail it out of here to a place without an extradition treaty, and there are many, then live large on their ill gotten gains. The stuff fairy tales are made of.
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    YouTube Premium launched in South Africa

    I don't see any reason for me to pay any "Premium sub". I watch you tube videos on my desktop and stream them to the TV's if I want to, all the while using an ad blocker. Works for me. The music streaming service is irrelevant to me since I don't use any streaming music service.
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    Most popular smartphones in South Africa revealed

    I couldn't care any less. My phone does, but merchants with compatible POS equipment is so limited that the feature is all but redundant. It's not gonna improve anytime soon either.
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    China grounds all Boeing 737 Max 8 planes after fatal crash

    We've all got to die sometime. You just have to accept your fate.
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    Most popular smartphones in South Africa revealed

    I use a Vivoactive 3, but I also use my phone alongside it for various reasons.
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    Most popular smartphones in South Africa revealed

    Now why would I do a silly thing like that, considering that I had the latest Galaxy watch. It's a very nice smartwatch, if that's your sort of thing, but it's not a priority for me. The smartwatch features are merely handy and my Vivoactive 3 can do most of the smartwatch things that the Galaxy...
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    China grounds all Boeing 737 Max 8 planes after fatal crash

    Put that fear in the back of your mind. You can do absolutely nothing about your final destiny. With that said, one is more likely to die in a car wreck than an air disaster. The chances of us getting killed in one is very remote, but it is there. If you're afraid to face something like that...
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    Samsung vs Huawei vs Apple – South African smartwatch showdown

    My experience with the Galaxy Watch didn't lead to a great sports and activity wearable. The optical HRM was very dodgy, it wouldn't stay locked onto my heart rate during physical activities, and it can't be paired with external sensors such as a chest strap HRM. A deal breaker for me which lead...
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    Most popular smartphones in South Africa revealed

    I'm gonna get me one of these cheapies. I need a smaller, more pocketable device to track my activity stats while in the gym, running and cycling. My Note 9 is too big and heavy to cart around for those kind of things... And I have to be extra careful with it in order not break or damage it...
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    What to expect from the Huawei P30

    I'm sure that they will be powerful and desirable devices for a lot of people, but not for me. I'm a Samsung person through and through (a fan boy if you will) and looking forward to the Note 11. There's little doubt that I'll acquire one when released next year.
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    South African companies which are “too white” nailed

    To hell with affirmative action and BEE. They are unworkable plans doomed to failure and that will only be found out far too late by those narrow minded and stupid law makers. By then the damage will have been irreversibly done. The right person for the right job is THE ONLY WAY that things can...
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    The true reasons behind Eskom load-shedding

    The state and Eskom management is in a pitiful state and they should hang their heads in shame, but instead of that, just take them outside and summarily execute the lot of them. They deserve nothing better.