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  1. Jola

    SANRAL - Massive Accounting Mess !

    Ok, so I have tried to be a good boy, and have paid my e-tolls every month, in cash, as I refuse to link my bank accounts/credit cards to their systems. Sometimes I don't get around to it, and skip a month, and then I have to pay more the next month as I lose some discounts. In general it has...
  2. Jola

    Uncomfortable "Limited Comfort Seats" on SAA Airbus A330-300

    I have just had the seriously uncomfortable experience of flying in one of the "Limited Comfort" 30" seats on a SAA A330-300 from Sao Paulo to Johannesburg. I was not aware of the existence of such seats on SAA planes, so did not look out for this when checking in. Even though these seats are...
  3. Jola

    Electric shark nets for Cape Town

    What happens during load-shedding, do they have an UPS ?