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  1. Crowley

    (Sale) AMD Ryzen 5 2600X / 16Gb / 1Tb SSD / 1070 / Carbide Air 540

    Item: Full PC - Not splitting unless I have buyers for everything Age: Various Price: 14k Warranty: Various Packaging: Some Condition: Various Location: Boksburg Reason: Upgrade Shipping: Prefer not to but cost and risk on buyer Collection: Yes please Item: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X with stock cooler...
  2. Crowley

    Ekurhuleni proposed name changes

    I give up. There are a million things that can be done to help the poor but no, renaming everything is more of a priority.
  3. Crowley


    I've never heard of this band but it seems like their brake up was epic. FB Page
  4. Crowley

    Server room monitoring

    I am looking for suggestions on a server room monitoring system. It needs to monitor temperature mainly but should be able to be upgraded with more sensors. Wireless sensors would be nice as well. It also needs to send alerts via sms and email. I know something can be built using a Raspberry Pi...