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    Getting random sms security codes, not sure if under attack?

    I've received 2x 6 digit verification codes via sms from +27820070120 this evening. In my phone I see I have received 5 verification codes previously over the last 6 months which would have been legit and this leads me to believe a service I use is under attack. Anybody have any sms...
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    Ster Kinekor 2D movie tickets x3

    Item name (be very descriptive): 3x PnP Smartshopper voucher codes for 2D Movie Tickets at Ster Kinekor (cost me R30 PnP points per ticket) Age and condition: New Do you include packaging: N/A Warranty: Yes - I'll refund your money/airtime back if they don't work // They are valid until 30...
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    Sunbeam Automatic Ice Maker SPIM-400

    Item name: Sunbeam Automatic Ice Maker SPIM-400 Age and condition: 18 months // As New Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Replaced with newer model Price: R2500 Negotiable: Yes Location: East London Shipping or collection: Both // Courier at your expense and risk...
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    Xiaomi Mi A1 4/64 Rose Gold (Flawless Condition) +Cover + Unused Screen Protector

    Item name (be very descriptive): Xiaomi Mi A1 4GB/64GB Rose Gold in flawless condition (not a single blemish) Age and condition: 1 Year // Spotless Do you include packaging: Yes - original box, charger, USB-C cable, unused screen protector, free TPU Cover Warranty: No Reason for selling: This...
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    I need a prepaid LTE sim with unrestricted APN

    I need a prepaid LTE sim on which I can buy a data bundle which will last 6-12 months (so not a 30 day bundle that expires) so I can hook up my CCTV DVR to a router and access remotely as it is too far away from my main router at home. Will only connect to the DVR occasionally so high data usage...
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    Will an SSD make a difference on my office donkey?

    So this is my old girl: I only use Excel, run 4x CCTV camera feed on a second monitor and have Chrome with 5-10 tabs open during the day. Will an SSD give me any noticeable speed bump compared to the 5400 3.5 drive I am currently using? I'm trying to run this machine for as long as possible...
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    Rain sim killing incoming voice calls on Voda sim

    My wife has a Huawei P10 dual sim with Vodacom for voice in sim slot 1. Put a Rain sim in slot 2 and phone can't receive calls, but can make calls and can send/receive sms's. Swap sims around, still can't receive calls. Take Rain sim out and device can receive calls. Any idea's?
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    Intex / Bestway above ground pool feedback

    We had a massive pool at the old house. Was hardly ever used in Summer because SO was too lazy to unclip and reclip the pool net. I hated it as it was a bottomless money pit. Now all of a sudden at the new house, SO won't let up on the fact we don't have a pool and thing 1 and 2 want a pool. Im...
  9. F Scode Payment at Post Office

    So I paid an Scode at SAPO this morning for a Loot order. Aunty at SAPO looked at me like she had never seen an Scode before. She didn't scan the barcode I gave her but entered all info manually. The info on my slip says Scode and the reference numbers match up what what Loot gave me, but...
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    RDP Hacked

    So I unlocked my office PC this morning. Immediate spidey tingling. Saw Windows programs open, Symantec asking for a reboot to effect changes and a Chrome tab with Capitec Bank online banking open. Jumped into Chrome history and 3:15am there were 2 bitcoin site entries. Confirmed that a hacker...
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    Cheapest contract for P20 Pro?

    Has anyone seen any better contract deal for a P20 Pro than Telkom's Freeme 1GB @ R569pm? My dad is craving one and tasked me with finding the cheapest one on contract.
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    Should I kill my RA?

    I finally ran the numbers on my 10 year old Old Mutual RA. It was started in 2008 with what I could afford and has only increased by 10% per annum per the original agreement I signed back in '08. I wanted to see what total I would have got to if I had rather paid this monthly RA figure into my...