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    For Sale/Trade Template Item name: ADATA SU650 480GB SATA SSD Age and condition: retail packaging Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: 2.5 years balance of 3 year warranty Reason for selling: unused Price: R1200 Negotiable: Yes Location: Randburg Shipping or collection: ship at buyer's...
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    "professional" broadcast presenters... (HA!)

    So, Carol Ralefeta on Highveld brought up this apparently freaky Tiger Woods ad; seemingly tonight/this hour's segment on getting listener involvement going. Which, while banal (like broadcast radio isn't!) is at least better than twittering (heh) about the (un)doings of the usual suspects...
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    Stickies unstuck - what gives??!

    I've just discovered the stickies for utTracestar (fine by me, that app got abandoned ages ago), eyeburst and that other one (I can't recall its name as I don't use it) are MIA - where'd they go?! Why take entirely useful apps away form people that can benefit from them?!
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    Anyone want a wantitall free delivery coupon?

    It seems a (bit of a) waste to let this lapse so, to the first PMer, one by coupon code; still good for the next 9 days or so...
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    A perch for cats (and no, not piscatorial)

    Here's a wee something just right for pets with real abilities (sycophantic slobbering doesn't count (and I mean being able to jump along with the whole take-care-of-self thing)): behold the kitty-cot! (bigger pics at the site) Now, I'm seeing some good old electrical conduit, elbows, fabric...
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    SimCity4 - failure to launch!

    I've got the weirdest thing happening: from the same 2-cd set of install discs, the game works just fine under XP Pro SP3 on an HP notebook that has the only vaguely useful Intel graphics driver, works just as fine under Win7_64bit ..but utterly fails/refuses to start - or even install properly...
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    Delightfully simple lo-fi homebrew ring flash

    hackaday has this beauty that shouldn't be too difficult to make, largely with materials at-hand ..who wants to build one for some good macro work? :D has basically the same thing here, only it has photos taken with it, so you know what you're getting into.
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    Sun (i.e. Sony) GDM20E20 needs a new home

    I have 1x said CRT that has to relocate, either to a Sun g33k :cool: who's into keeping legacy systems around to play with or /dev/null. I tried plugging it into a desktop box running a madala GeForce2 MX400 (good graphics isn't anywhere near a requirement on it!) and got the usual...
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    multi-tier water feature flotsam filtration advice required please

    The place where I work has a dual-circuit water feature where the topmost pond has a waterfall that runs into a lower, catchment pond and recirculates its water there; from there water runs along a lower river rock-covered pathway to the bottom pond. The part we're worried about here is the...
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    Freeware webcam app well worth getting

    I've just trialled MJPEG Surveillance 2.0 and man is it a real li'l beauty! First, about: (sic: he's a programmer, not a writer) The host I have it running on is a 32bit AMD 2400+ with 512MB RAM & through an el-cheapo Logitech QuickCam Messenger and it works a charm: - the app starts up...
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    Got a WaRT and (with apologies to the fine (if somewhat rabid) :rolleyes: members of JAWUG) looking for something new and different to do with it? Well grasshopper, salvation is at hand: turn it into a wi-fi robot! The resources section is great, notably for revealing the Ultimate...
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    Ultimate time-suck site

    Anytime you find yourself at loose ends/wanting to skive off work/expand your pitiful collection of useless facts :p, take a gander at The List Universe. It's updated daily and has an RSS feed. But 'ware good reader, for this danged place will suck you right in! :cool:
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    DD-WRT v24 is final ..finally!

    On the homepage:, besides my trusty WaRT, what I really want to see/know about is how this release plays with Ubiquity devices like the NanoStation - anyone got some guff?