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    Film claims group plotted to infect black africans with hiv

    Danish director Mads Brugger set out to investigate the mysterious 1961 plane crash that killed the head of the UN in modern-day Zambia for his latest film - but says he ended up uncovering something vastly more sinister...
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    Rant, cracked my 3 month old phones screen

    Got a Samsung A20, good phone. 2 months later, dog pulls charging cable, phone meet floor, screen shattered on bottom right. Nice streaking cracks across the once lovely shiny phone. Hate these new tech gadgets, seems about a safety conscious as looking after a human baby. If I did have a...
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    WHATSAPP is updating its service with the launch of adverts in 2020. Here's how it will affect your messaging experience.

    WHATSAPP is updating its service with the launch of adverts in 2020. Here's how it will affect your messaging experience. By DAVID SNELLING <deleted reason="several rules violations"/>
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    Guiness Extra Stout Glass picture mirror

    Item name: Guiness extra stout glass mirror Weight: 7 kg Age and condition: used Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Dimension L 94cm x H 66 cm Reason for selling: Gathering dust, bar closed Price: R3000 Location: Betty's Bay Shipping or collection: Both - shipping at buyers cost, or if...
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    Beef Rump Tail

    I haven't cooked 1 of these Was gifted a lovely large juicy piece of this farm raised Rump tail.. Anyone cooked, braised, roasted this meat? Recipes are welcome
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    No permission to comment in news and current affairs

    What would the reason be for being restricted from commenting?
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    Sars manager in trouble for using a gorilla to address staff

    A senior South African Revenue Service (Sars) official is facing a disciplinary hearing after she used the fluffy toy to illustrate a unit's poor performance...
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    Elephant park being built in Kleinmond, Western Cape
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    Body found in Croatian freezer

    I was going to check my freezer for a steak dinner, then....
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    But why only release this film in Denmark?
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    Warrant of arrest issued for Grace Mugabe

    Wonder how much haste to follow through will be applied to this
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    Sale of old SA flag causes stir on social media I wouldn't want one of it was even given to me
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    Johan Rupert
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    leah remini scientology and the aftermath

    does anyone have any details on when this will be airing in south africa on DSTV? quite interested to watch who the alien decendants of Xian will be and what destruction they foresee.