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    B618 as wireless wifi extender to tp link archer C20?

    I recently got fibre, and have the tp link archer c20 AC750 Wireless Dual Band Router with it. This is my source of interwebs. From my LTE days, I have the Huawei B618 (as well as B315), and was wondering if I could use one (or both) of them to increase the wifi range in my 2-story apartment...
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    Wifi Range Extender for TPLink AC750

    Hi guys and girls So I got fibre last week. :thumbsup: Unfortunately, the wifi capability of this router is pretty weak :thumbsdown: Can you recommend a simple, decent wifi range extender that can go through walls (I live in a duplex). I need a good quality one for a reasonable price. So not...
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    Is this why it's called eMpTyN?, which is linked to from here (see the "click here" links). I'm looking for their data bundle prices. Not the GPRS (lol?) prices as listed here.