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  1. BlackMamba

    Asus A88XM-E mobo and 4x 4Gb ddr3 rams

    The following items are for sale. Asus A88XM-E motherboard Four 4Gb DDR3 Rams Images posted below Price R780 Mobo specs
  2. BlackMamba

    SWAP: 3x 4GB DDR3-1600 for 4GB DDR4 Ram

    I have 4 4Gb DDR3 240pin rams but I don't need them thus if anyone has a 4GB DDR4 ram that would like to swap I will gladly give 3 of those ddr3 rams for 1 4GB DDR4, if one has 8Gb or 2 4GB DDR4 ram I can top it up with an ASUS A88XM-E motherboard plus an extra 4GB DDR3 ram.... If anyone...
  3. BlackMamba

    NSFAS for me

    So I am working but don't earn anything close to R350000 and I work for Gov. Can I still qualify for the funding, I tried to email nsfas but they ain't replying. Anyone who has a clue .... Highly appreciated
  4. BlackMamba

    Rain R250

    Ok so I just finished my 7 days free internet...what I want to know is will my R250 be deducted when I am using off peak internet 11PM to 6PM. What will happen when I use the internet between 6PM to 22:00? clear me up please.
  5. BlackMamba

    Mpesu (The Super Venda Viagra) 18+

    Ok men, we are men, adult. Any of you ever used Mpesu? Rumours are that it can wake the most dead jack muzi (that is how my i call my guy). It is said to be super stronger than Viagra with no side effects.... You can ride the horse for up to 3 days with 1 dose. Any vend guy here... Tell the...
  6. BlackMamba

    Are this stones related to a diamond

    Ok so where I live there are a lot of stones like this (attached). We had a debate me and my friend who suggest that this stones are related to a diamond and they are gems but have value. I think they are just pure stone /rock and are not related to a diamond or gem What you guys think
  7. BlackMamba

    Tracking parcel sent by wish

    So a month ago I purchased some items via Wish app...some of my parcel shows that they are in SA [Arrived at the destination country, from CN (Track End) ---- ZA] from there on I am unable to track the parcel to know where it is. Anyone dealt with a similar issue. How do I go by getting my...
  8. BlackMamba

    [Wanted] 2nd hand LGA 1151 CPU

    Anyone selling a core i3 or i5 CPU...drop pics and price please edit .... Actually I am looking for a CPU for LGA 1151
  9. BlackMamba

    CPU i3 or i5 needed

    Hi Anyone who have a i3 or i5 CPU that they don't use and would like to part with it for a very cheap price.... May I please have it... I am willing to pay and pay for the shipping...
  10. BlackMamba

    Legal opinion needed

    So my employer had a vacancy that they advertised, I was called in to go write a test for that post... I had to write at Middelburg, MP and am from Nelspruit, MP. I drove all the way to the said hall, when I got there I found more candidates who were there for the same position. Lady checked the...
  11. BlackMamba

    Wish online store

    My wife wants to buy me something on this WISH store, I am a bit sceptical about the super cheap prices, 8TB external hard drive at R132. Anyone ever bought anything there
  12. BlackMamba

    University Of The people

    Ok I just stumbled UOP on Google... it claims to provide free accredited university is accredited in USA...anyone know anything about them? Should one get one of their degrees how will it be recognised by SAQA or the Dept Of education? I am tempted to enrol for their Bachelor of...
  13. BlackMamba

    Can a mother take our child

    Ok if any can help advice me. I have a 9 years old son with my ex girlfriend, I have always taken care of our son and he has been living with me since he was 2 years old... today I got a call from my ex telling me that she wants to move the child from his current school to near were she...
  14. BlackMamba how legit is it

    So a friend told me about this site apparently it claims to pay $7 per simple survey and payout to Paypal if u have $500, my question being how legit is it
  15. BlackMamba

    My Party Rock Remix - what do you think

    Here is my party rock REMIX made in FL Studio just simple ...... tell me what do you think ....
  16. BlackMamba

    FNB uses Ubuntu

    I just came from FNB White River branch to open my account, I was so amazed to see that they use Ubuntu, looks like an old version I think 8.04 or something, and they use FireFox. no winder why their banking is affordable than ABSA. I wonder how long have they been on Ubuntu
  17. BlackMamba

    My Culture's way of doing things

    Different cultures have different ways of doing things..... here are my knowledge on cultural experience. please note my culture may not be the same as yours 1. Lobola- A ceremony that is made to join 2 families and to welcome a bride. A men pays certain amount charged by the brides family (it...