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  1. eehellfire

    FNB eBucks Weekly Deals 2019

    Starting a separate thread from the eBucks Tips and Tricks thread as that one is getting a little bogged down by deals (and associated courier) discussions. Originial eBucks Tips and Tricks 2019/2020 thread here...
  2. eehellfire

    School readiness assessment

    My kid's Grade R teacher thinks she's not "emotionally mature" enough for Grade 1. I don't think that they know my child well at all (which is shocking, considering how much I pay in school fees). Looking at sending my kid for a school readiness assessment to get an objective view. I believe the...
  3. eehellfire

    Change of ownership for a trailer

    I bought a second hand trailer and need to do change of ownership. I need some advice on the process to follow. The previous owner gave me a copy of his ID and the original Registration Certificate. Where to from here? I'm in JHB if that makes a difference.
  4. eehellfire

    Carport / Shadeport

    I'm looking to get a carport / shadeport installed at my house. It will be for 2 cars parked side by side, and I'd prefer a cantilevered design as it reduces the likelihood of car dents. Anything I should be looking out for in terms of shadeport (i.e. shade sails/netting) vs IBR type carport? A...
  5. eehellfire

    Rocketbook tips & tricks thread

    So I just got a Rocketbook Everlast. So far I'm very impressed! Figured that a tips & tricks discussion would really help me (and other owners of a Rocketbook) get best usage. First tip from me comes via Youtube (convert your whiteboard into a RocketBoard):
  6. eehellfire

    Breaking: Shooting at Dowerglen Highschool, Edenvale

    Seeing lots of reports of this - awaiting validation from news sources
  7. eehellfire

    Netflix South Africa content tracker

    Thought it would be cool to have a thread where users can post content that has been added to Netflix SA. I don't necessarily mean Netflix-exclusive content... For example, I've seen the following added (and it even kept my place from when I used to watch them on USA Netflix): Family Guy How I...
  8. eehellfire

    Matcha tea

    I've been looking into substituting some of my (significant) coffee intake. One of the options is matcha (Wikipedia entry for matcha) - seems to have reasonable caffeine content with some decent antioxidants and potential aid in weight loss. Anyone got recommendations on brands, stores etc...
  9. eehellfire

    What can I buy my staff as festive gifts?

    I manage a small team in a corporate. I try and get my direct reports year-end x-mas/festive gifts (out of my pocket, not using the company's money). On Black Friday I got LED mini maglites for the male staff - now struggling to think of something for the female staff - looking at spending...
  10. eehellfire

    Discovery Vitality [2019]

    The changes from Discovery for Vitality in 2019 are starting to be communicated... Rates for 2019 Health Check changes New Healthy Dining benefit
  11. eehellfire

    Dischem "Spin and Win magical Disney prizes"

    I got an email from Dischem with the subject line "Spin and Win magical Disney prizes". Body of the email looks like the picture below. The link in the email takes me to this website...