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    Cape Town Playstation Repair shop

    Hi guys Are here any Playstation repair shops in Cape Town. Cbd or Northern suburbs preferably. Thanks in advance.
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    OTP abroad

    Guys, just a quick question. When you abroad and do an online purchase, and the website sends you an OTP. How can you retrieve this? Is the only option to change your cell number at your bank to a trusted friend or family that is still here in this country and then let them assist you with it...
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    Vodacom Whatsapp bundle issue

    My wife had an issue with Missing data and airtime. When she phoned, she was told that the problem was that her vids and pics she sends via Whatsapp does not make use of her 1GB whatsapp bundle, instead it takes from other data bundles and/or airtime! I was shocked. :eek:
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    Moon behind a gate? Is this a hoax?

    Antarctica has always been duped as a mysterious place because it being protected by a treaty which is in forced by loads of countries, including SA. Only scientists that is doing research and a few tourist allowed there, however 99.9999999999999% of it is not available for exploration by the...
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    Are NASA, and others, lying to us?

    Here are some vids taken from YouTube. Watch them all and let us know what you think.
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    o/t from NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars is struggling to send back science data

    ai.. More made up stories from NASA