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    Google Stadia

    Hi Looking at the latest news on stadia it seems 20-50mbps should be good enough (non 4k). The question is how to get it working in SA? Perhaps using a VPN?
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    Cheapest 150kW Hothatch/Sports Car

    Hi What would be the cheaptest 150kW+ hothatch that you can find? Irrepective of the year or mileage... Obviously being in decent condition and running
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    Media Streaming Box

    Hi I am looking for a media steaming box/stick specifically for youtube and netflix. I am looking for a good value, entry level device for my grand parents. Due to it being for my grand parents I need it to be as simple as possible to use. So the UX needs to be easy enough where its not any...
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    Annual Company Bonuses

    Hi Guys, With the tax year end coming up and the calendar year end being a couple of months ago, I would imagine a lot of people have received their bonuses. I am curios to find out how bonuses compare across companies. While I don't expect people to divulge what their individual bonus will be...
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    Combating Load Shedding

    Hi All. So it seems load shedding is here to stay. As a result I think we need to find ways to manage it. I am thus looking for some advice on the best value inverter+battery systesm. I am looking for two small units. One to run a light and PC (almost a 4 hour UPS) and the other for a TV...
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    Kinsey Report

    Hi I'm comparing suvs, where I'm trying to look at the post service plan costs to run. The report is quite ineteresting and detailed. My particular focus area is the crossover section where the fortuner came out cheapest. What's interesting is how much more expensive the manual xtrail is to the...
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    XTrail vs Rav 4

    Hi I am trying to compare the Rav4 to Xtrail. In the xtrail either a 2017 2.5 SE CVT or 2018 1.6DCI and in the Rav4 2.0 VX. The pricing is about the same. I wanted to check what the total cost of ownership will be. In terms of fuel consumption and maintenance. I have heard Nissan is expensive...
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    ISP Black Friday Deals

    Hi I am in the process of reviewing my Fibre ISP and was hoping that some would be running Black Friday deals. I thought it would be worthwhile to start this thread for a good reference of deals that may be coming out this week.
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    Nissan x trail 2.5 CVT 4x4 fuel consumption

    Hi Guys I see that there are a few good deals on the 2.5 xtrail. My question is how is the performance? The claimed fuel consumption is 8.3l per 100km. Is that even close to reality? Also how are the maintenance costs compared to other brands like Toyota or Hyundai? I heard parts are expensive...
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    Huawei Fitbit compatibility

    Hi Guys I have read a few forums that complain about issues with compatibility between Fitbit devices and huawei. I have a Fitbit versa that works great with my s7 but now thinking of upgrading to the mate or p series. Has anyone managed to get the versa to sync with their huawei including...
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    iPad 2 Stock

    Hi I went to the istore in Sandton city this weekend. I asked the sales person for the Ipad 2 16gb. He said they only have the 64gb since the 16gb was being discontinued. Is this true? Have core really discontinued with the ipad2?
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    iPad 2 price

    Hi Guys I'm thinking of getting an Ipad 2, because I thing the new Ipad is just too expensive. But now it seems the mini is also coming out soon. Would it be worth holding out for the mini? Will the mini be priced fairly similar to the USA price? (unlike the nexus 7 for example) When...
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    BMW service centres in Sandton

    Hi I need a major service done on my BMW and its out of motor plan. Where could I send my car in the Sandton area? Will there be a major difference in price if I take it to a BMW dealer or a private person?
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    Cellc Customer Service is Pathetic

    I wrote a complaint on Hello Peter about 5 days ago that my 3g was not working ans had logged a fault on the cellc website. Since then cellc tried to phone me just once during office hours so I could not answer. I then logged another complaint on the website with no reply. I also sent an email...