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  1. zerocool2009

    FNB ShareSaver ...

    Hi guys, Anyone with the mentioned product (FNB sharesaver) saw the extra R20 monthly charge ? I cant find anything in the documentation or fees related to that at all :(
  2. zerocool2009

    FNB app IOS 10 at least now ...

    So I got a shock last night ... my banking app is out of date, and now FNB forcing me to buy a new phone ! The app isnt update-able anymore .... and I read in BIG and BOLD ... IOS 10 at least :(
  3. zerocool2009

    Stanlib / FSCA

    Anyone have unit trusts related to this article : Portfolio's related to this big event:  STANLIB Multi-manager SA Equity Fund;  STANLIB Multi-manager...
  4. zerocool2009

    Discovery Bank [2018]

    Read online its the launch of the new Discovery bank today. Their motto, how vitality works / are driven (nice working concept). For starters, see they offer bonds also ... Happy reading ! Lets see how they compare to the big banks going forward Good luck Discovery bank ...