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    We're going nowhere - Ennerdale, Lenasia South land occupiers
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    Ramaphosa worried about retrenchments in SA
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    Hong Kong extradition protests leave city in shock
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    SA's decline worst of nations not at war, model shows
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    Journalist connects dots between Grand Azania, Shivambu brothers and VBS saga
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    WATCH: Free Friday booze, CT residents help themselves after SAB truck loses its load
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    [Opinion] SONA 2019 Thread

    'When we cry about something, who cares?' - South Africans share issues ahead of SONA
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    'Kick us in the butt' - Ramaphosa tells business sector
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    ANC condemns burning of its Sedibeng regional office
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    Venezuela's Guaido declares himself president amid protests related: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says he is breaking off relations with the US...
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    Ignore List

    Can you add the ignore list's functions as follow? 1) I can select the person(s) in my ignore list who can't read my posts. (very important) 2) I can select the person(s) in my ignore list I can read their posts. (not that important) 3) or both thank you.
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    Want a free country house in Japan? They're giving them away
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    'We are only good for votes,' say Cato Crest families
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    WATCH: This headless girl's terrifyingly convincing Halloween costume is breaking the internet
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    Can SARS do that?

    I have a problem, may be someone can help. 1) 2016, my accountant submitted a VAT return. 2) End of 2017, I received a message said I owed SARS money. 3) I instructed my accountant to file an objection immediately. Gave them all documents for audit. 4) No response for 3 months. 5) 2018...
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    'Ridiculous! How are we supposed to live?' - motorists share their thoughts on SA's 'biggest fuel price hike' yet
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    Murder by numbers: This is the rate of killing in SA
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    ANC wants 'fresh elections' for Johannesburg and Tshwane metros