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  1. wernervn

    Big screens you can buy without a TV licence

    Overpriced old HD stock, most of them
  2. wernervn

    Millions of JusTalk private messages leaked online

    I've JustHeard of them now
  3. wernervn

    Eskom will increase load-shedding to Stage 4 from 11:00 until midnight on Friday and from 05:00 until midnight on Saturday and Sunday

    I read the blue graph as declared unavailability ;-) mind you: That's 20161 unavailable out of a max availability of ~29000? Or am I reading it wrong?
  4. wernervn

    Little-known investment firm suing South African government for selling SAA for R51

    While I agree that the case has merit, he sounds like a tendertrepeneur who didn't get his gravy
  5. wernervn

    MTN says 28% contract price hike in line with Treating Customers Fairly Policy

    Not a customer, but if they are increasing the base price and effectively reducing the discount - how is that fair?
  6. wernervn

    MTN cuts 5G and fixed-LTE prices

    FUP, night data and contracts - what year is this?!
  7. wernervn

    Did you ever own an iPod?

    A couple of Ipod classics, still have one in my car permanently connected to the AMC. Also got the Ipod Hi-fi, but not really in use any more
  8. wernervn

    Eskom warns load-shedding at short notice could be needed

    South Africa could get load-shedding at short notice Same as every other day in SA
  9. wernervn

    So confused with which fibre ISP to go with..

    I'm on Vox - R1295 for 500/250 Openserve. My dealings with them has been minimal because Openserve is rock-solid. Their router is kinda crappy, so I got my own improved router, but recently I wanted to set up their Mikrotik hap ac2 as an AP. The default IP did not work, and I contacted their...
  10. wernervn

    South Africa looking at combined smart ID and driver's licence cards - in 10 years

    This has been on the cards (pun intended) for many years. IBIWISI
  11. wernervn

    Mecer 2400VA Inverter (Community Support)

    Andre from Powerforums told me the Hubbles would be perfect for use with the Mecer inverter, and Jannie from Geewiz had the following to say: "To answer your question, yes the Hubble S-120's will work 100% with the Mecer 24000VA. Please note however that you will also need a bigger cabinet as...
  12. wernervn

    Mecer 2400VA Inverter (Community Support)

    Hi, I've been running my Mecer 2400VA inverter with LA batteries for about 2 years now, and the batteries did not like Stage 4 load-shedding. I've just bought Hubble S-120 X2 from the Powerforum shop, but Andre told me I would not really need the balancer when using the Hubbles as drop-in...
  13. wernervn

    MTN Group CEO Ralph Mupita receives R84-million remuneration

    Just had a phone call from an MTN marketer, he asked if I've heard in the media that MTN has dropped all their prices. I stated that I had not (I do not watch TV), so he asked me what I was paying for my fiber connection. When I gave him the price of my Vox/Openserve fiber he put the phone down...
  14. wernervn

    What keyboard do you use for programming?

    Microsoft 5050 Wireless Comfort Desktop Set