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  1. RiceZA

    In need of an internship | Diploma Information & Communication Technology

    Good afternoon my fellow forumites. I come to you in my time of need... Context I'm in my final year of this qualification and we're required to do work integrated learning (internship). Our lecturer for this module has a list of companies that are supposed to contact us for interviews and such...
  2. RiceZA

    Looking for mainboard for Samsung SAMSUNG UN55RU7300F

    Good day all A friend of mine's house got struck by lightning and one of the things that got damaged was his TV, I've isolated the issue to the mainboard. Mainboard Model No: BN41-02703 I've checked AliExpress, Ebay etc but all of them either have exorbitant shipping prices or will take at...
  3. RiceZA

    Ethernet Cabling question

    When crimping cables I've tried using a cutters/normal scissors to get each wire perfectly straight (could be me) they never the same length, I untwist them, put them into order and straighten them out then I cut them, feed the wires into the jack as far as they will go until I see a exposed...
  4. RiceZA

    Axxess problem

    @Captain Axxess you said somebody would contact me, the only response I have received is from Thabisa who gave me an automated response and didn't even take 2 minutes to read the previous response. This has been going on since the 24/06/2021. Every single time I get a response to my ticket its...
  5. RiceZA

    Trying to ship coins

    Family member is a collector of coins, he made a purchase from a gentleman whom i collected the coins from, I have all the paperwork. I'm trying to get it from Cape Town to JHB. I've checked Fastways courier, the Courier guy and a few others their website says that they are dead against...
  6. RiceZA

    Client wants to retain me

    Good evening everybody A client of mine asked me if I would consider being paid a retainer instead of me invoicing them every time they request my services, he did not give me a figure yet, he just asked me to think about it. Please keep in mind I am still studying but I foresee majority of it...
  7. RiceZA

    UIF - Submission Failed

    Hi guys I have a family member who is trying to submit their credentials via the website, its just something that you go though, no downloading of forms etc.
  8. RiceZA

    'The need is massive,' say donors as 3km Centurion food queue shocks SA “The need for food is massive. More than 80% of this community are foreigners and they have not received any help from government. We are happy we made a small...
  9. RiceZA

    What silly lockdown restriction has delayed your 2020?

    We decided to buy a house. Transfer fees were paid and paperwork was signed off, from there it went to the deads office where it remained for the next 3 months. Our lease was meant to expire at the end of February 2020. We then spoke to the rental agency and they were willing to extend the...
  10. RiceZA

    Ubuntu 20.04 LTS The many major performance improvements to GNOME Shell, Mutter (the window manager) and other graphics elements can be keenly felt in this release. UI animations and windowing is now more fluid, lighter on memory, and a little...
  11. RiceZA

    What's some of the best Anime you've watched and why? - Looking for recommendations

    So I just finished Dragon Ball Super and while it did take me back to my childhood days of Dragon Ball Z (shout out to SABC 2) I was disappointed from episode 100 yes that includes the final fight vs Jiren, I've watched some of the mainstream Tokyo ghoul, Full Metal Alchemist, FLCL, Food Wars...
  12. RiceZA

    Is it okay to use Wordpress?

    Hey just a quick question, I've been getting mixed reviews online about Wordpress, some are saying there is nothing wrong with it if you keep it up to date and others are saying that you are asking to get hacked if you used Wordpress at all, to my understanding coding a site from scratch and...
  13. RiceZA

    WiFi Mesh system that can do 100Mbps+

    Good morning my fellow members, I have a client who received a router from Afrihost (D-link piece of k@k), the guy who installed everything told him to buy a "more" expensive router as this would resolve his problem but gave no recommendations. It's a single story house and has 7 rooms so...
  14. RiceZA

    Ideas for a Java App/Website/Program

    Hey guys so I started with python but put that on hold as our university wants us to learn Java, I will be doing python during the holidays but for now I've been working on my Java skills for +3 hours a day, I need a project or something to work on and was going to involve two of my friends as a...
  15. RiceZA

    Dell SE2419H Repair?

    Hi guys so we had loadshedding the other night and I knocked my headphone stand (metal) against the display. Anybody know where I can get it repaired? I'm in Cape Town, I've spoken to Dell and read through the forums, they don't do monitor repairs.
  16. RiceZA

    Mr Robot - A Tribute *Spoilers*

    DO NOT WATCH IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED THE SERIES. Watching this made me so sad, nothing will ever fill the void that was Mr Robot T-T. Farewell Elliot
  17. RiceZA

    What would you do?

    My sister wants to become a wildlife veterinarian, University of Pretoria is the only place that offers the course, she finishes high school next year but she is required to apply to universities this year as there is a waiting period depending on the institution. She has worked really hard and...
  18. RiceZA

    How many of you have HomeLabs?

  19. RiceZA

    Did anybody else not have internet for about 30 minutes @23:50ish?

    Several of my websites hosted at different providers were down along with my Rain LTE connection on two different sim cards? I had full signal and a traceroute to Googles DNS didn't respond. Just curious as it might be the undersea cable that their working on?
  20. RiceZA

    Looking to purchase a laptop for University - Programming, Web development, Media encoding etc

    Hey guys compliments of the season :) I am looking to purchase a new laptop for Uni (App Development). Context I've been stuck for the past two days in making a decision and wanted to know if you guys could help me out. So I'm not looking to be spoon fed it's just that this is a lot of cash...