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    South Africa's new driving licence will support blockchain "and related" technologies

    So, basically this "licence renewal" crap is all about presenting eye test results and nothing whatsoever about re-testing/renewing one's competence about operating the machine? If that may be the case they've got all the biometric data and other identification info on you the first time you...
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    10GB free data for every household in South Africa - but only by 1 April 2025

    10GB? That's Whatsapp and Facebook data. Where are we going with this?
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    Eskom answers questions about Nersa's solar power user tariff plans and grid connection fees

    What next? Tarrif the air we breathe? Signs of a failed state and it's dysfunctional entities.
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    Driver's licence card renewal booking chaos

    Great! Why is it mandatory? No no no I can't expect "eye test". Folks had been driving since the 50's,60's,70's,80's and early 90's without this enormous crap, you walked and you walked for life.
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    Driver's licence card renewal booking chaos

    What is the purpose of this licence renewal thingie?
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    PC hardware Benchmarks

    I'm in the market for a new Cpu and I have been going through reviews and so on and my question is: Can one honestly tell the difference of say 8% in the real world if we are side by side on our desktops/laptops? My question relates more specifically to the synthetic benchmarks. Oh, whilst I'm...
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    Spectrum showdown

    Long read, will get on with it tomorrow, but this what I understand and stupidly ask what's taking so long "South Africa’s mobile network operators, including Telkom, have long maintained that releasing additional spectrum will help reduce prices, increase coverage, and improve network quality."
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    Don't ask Elon Musk to catch a bus

    Blimey! I had the Commoder 64, ZX spectrum and Amiga and all the "coding" that went with it and I'm still not rich, guess it pays to be in the right place at the right time
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    The best overseas online stores to use this Black Friday

    Whenever I visit Aliexpress to view electronic consumer goods(Xeon chips example) I find their shipping to ZA extremely expensive and I have no choice about shipping options it's take it or leave it e.g. LTE Router R545 and shipping R2 950. What could I be doing wrong on their site?
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    SABC wants South Africans to pay TV Licence fees for your smartphone

    Ain't gonna happen, there will be open revolt against this SABC tax.
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    You can make R7,000 a month for letting networks place a mobile tower on your property

    Hell, right now(I'm on Rain) I'd give it to them for 1TB of pure 4G/LTE goodness, nevermind 5G(How much is that per month?).
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    No network, no internet, no assistance.

    No no no this is unacceptable from you Rain, and please don't tell me to move around with the wifi router as it's in the same place the last 4 months when I was getting sort of acceptable/respectable speeds (on the 24/7) around the 6Mbps(understanding that it's a up to 10Mbps service) but BELOW...
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    A view of Rain's impressive performance

    Pretty much my whole story,I'm lucky if I reach 4Mbps.Cheap is nasty.
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    Openserve launches “Naked ADSL”

    My thoughts exactly , really sad, may they continue to R. I. P. had very interesting interactions with them.
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    Rain network users hit by downtime

    Couldn't even log into their website.
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    Telkom ADSL and fibre shock

    Back in 2009 when I first joined this forum and many comments thereafter about how Telkom was shafting the SA consumer,I thought I'd never see the day.DIE!! If it must be,that's all I have to say.
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    Why Telkom’s account cancellation system is a mess

    Perhaps all credit beurers(excuse spelling) should "blacklist" all Telkom requests until they get their house in order. I'm about to start the cancellation process tomorrow and I'm dreading it (wish me luck).
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    How to register as an importer in South Africa

    Does this apply to WISH orders?