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  1. FatBoySlim

    Seeking a laravel developer

    Seeking a laravel developer - must have knowledge of Laravel 8/9 , mysql, writing secure code at least 4 yrs exp. DM me
  2. FatBoySlim

    Merchant accounts

    Anyone know what's the best offerings from banks for online merchant accounts?
  3. FatBoySlim

    Mexem anyone?

    Anyone using Mexem? Whats your experience been like?
  4. FatBoySlim

    Mechanical Breakdown Warranty

    Looking at taking a mechanical breakdown warranty on my car in the next few months as it runs out of Motorplan. So far it seems Motorite is the most popular, as well as Innovation. Anyone have any legitimate bad experiences with these guys.
  5. FatBoySlim

    Where to advertise software work/projects?

    What's the best place to advertise software projects for people to submit proposals, I'm trying to steer away from the big ones knowing a flood of Indian development companies will come my way, it's exactly that reason I am advertising a specific role/project.
  6. FatBoySlim


    Anyone know if RSAWeb has a dedicate thread like AH does? Have searched and come up empty handed