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  1. Pho3nix

    iPhone 14 discussions

    Funny enough the leaks so far haven't convinced me on the iPhone 14 Pro. Especially seeing that my 12 Pro is still chugging along and already running iOS 16. The additional issue on the A15 being used in the non-pro 14 line has also raised an eyebrow
  2. Pho3nix

    Movie Mini-Review Thread - Part III

    Prey 2022 - 6/10 Actually found the last Predators movie a little better. While beautifully shot, took a loooong time to get to the action which is what I'm watching for. Also seems D+ fixed the 4k streaming issues on the MiBox, worked smoothly when it had issues previously
  3. Pho3nix

    iPhone 14 discussions

    Phone might be here in October if we are lucky, December if we aren't :(
  4. Pho3nix

    iPhone 14 discussions

    Probably upgrading to the 14 Pro. Costs is a bit of a factor but as always selling my previous iPhone covers 50% of the cost normally
  5. Pho3nix

    What game are you playing now? (Part 2)

    Which end game boss is giving you grief? How'd you find Gorilla? He made me take a 2 month break
  6. Pho3nix

    Good and bad LPG dealers

    R282 is a good price. Around R300 in my area and fetch it yourself. Are the canisters sealed?
  7. Pho3nix

    Movie Mini-Review Thread - Part III

    Guess I'll watch tomorrow while the family is out. Thanks guys!
  8. Pho3nix

    Movie Mini-Review Thread - Part III

    No one watched Prey yet?
  9. Pho3nix

    Microsoft makes Xbox Game Pass family sharing plan preview available to select Xbox Insiders

    If you have only one console it's a bit easier. Just make the console your Home Xbox. Issue is it doesn't work for PC. Not sure about the price increase though
  10. Pho3nix

    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    @AfriNatic noticed I'm getting charged the new amount for my normal 100mb that's been upgraded to 200mb. Does this mean we don't need to manually upgrade/downgrade when the promo ends?
  11. Pho3nix

    iOS 16 Features by Model

    Might actually go back to iOS15. Other issues aren't a problem but Wifi not working is a bit of a problem :/ Hopefully an update comes through this week and they've fixed some of this
  12. Pho3nix

    Resume RDP not working after leaving it minimised.

    Check your active session limits. Guide for something else but should point you to the right place
  13. Pho3nix

    What Legal IPTV service is best? [No Illegal Services Allowed]

    Wasn't getting notifications and expired again. Could you please share once more?
  14. Pho3nix

    A week with Apple ...

    A bit snarky when the peeps are trying to help you. As mentioned forget your Android workflows. Start a fresh and people are more than happy to help out if you can't find something or you want to confirm its inability to do something
  15. Pho3nix

    iOS 16 Features by Model

    Wifi buggy, at home and phone uses LTE only.
  16. Pho3nix

    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Have you used this brand?
  17. Pho3nix

    A week with Apple ...

    Same, tapatalk for all it's sins works perfectly for forums.
  18. Pho3nix

    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    Any recommendations on a decent mouse that is less than R1k? Current logitech cheapie doesn't scroll decently when connected to a Macbook on a dongle with an external monitor. I'd love the Logitech MX3 but have to keep costs down as wasn't a planned expense
  19. Pho3nix


    Seems recurring payments are working now?