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    Frogfoot Port Elizabeth

    Just wanted to start a new thread for all issues, etc. as the other threads had specific issues as their thread titles. Just a heads up for tonight too:
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    Cancellation of DSTV Price Lock

    Hi all, I am currently assisting a friend who wants to cancel their DSTV price lock (agreement entered into in April 2019) as they want to move onto various streaming services only and to save on the massive DSTV cost per month. Does anyone have experience with cancelling a price lock contract...
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    FTTH Port Elizabeth

    Hi everyone. To check current FTTH coverage in PE please visit either: or If you currently have FTTH in PE, could you please send speedtest screenshots and possible pings to local servers in Cape Town/JHB/DBN...
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    VDSL Issues in most parts of house

    Hi, my VDSL doesn't seem to connect well in most parts of my house and was connecting fine at a jack closest to where the Telkom line enters the house, but recently a Telkom technician tried wiring from this working jack to the jack where my modem was originally(recommended by another fault...
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    SpeedTest glitch?

    Hey guys I have a glitch on all the speedtests i do, every time on the download test the test will hang at halfway thus giving me inaccurate results. Anyone else have this problem and anyone know of a fix? Thanks