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  1. isie

    MTN has a very non nonchalant attitude to fraud

    If you wonder how to fraudster get away with so much on MTN , its because MTN doesn't try to do anything to stop it , even if its reported immediately. I wanted to post this as it happened but i was furious so figured i would probably just jump to using obscenities. Basically on Sunday 07...
  2. isie

    How To Claim a Refund From Wish

    As per this Thread Not sure if this is Sticky worthy but, I notice a few users have issues claiming a refund form Wish - While i have not had any issues and actually get my refunds done rather quickly. So figured on my last refund i will keep screenshots to make a quick Guide: Once your...
  3. isie

    Android Media player / Droid TV launcher - customizations Ideas

    Hi Guys I thought we can have a thread where you can show off how you have customised your Android media player Launchers as give tips to other users. I admit I'm a newbies on this so mines isn't anything special to look at.
  4. isie

    Geewiz Branded Inverters

    Hi Guys How are these Geewiz branded inverters? I see they selling these all in one units (300w modified Sine , 600W Modified Sine , 300W Pure Sine ) which per my calculations cost more or less the same if i built it myself. I Only need it for TV and a media player -so total usage is under...
  5. isie

    Bargainbay Deals

    Anyone else purchased stuff from Bargainbay Deals and not recieved their Items? My wife wanted something and they were the cheapest and included free delivery so bought it - delivery promised with in 12 working days via post (12 days would have been 04 July) - so far no delivery slip. So...
  6. isie

    Any one got an iphone 5 working on Vodacom

    Hi Guys My sister got her self an iphone 5 overseas, and I admitedly am not the iphone expert canot get it to work on vodacom. She has the nano sim and registerd with itunes, but still no network?
  7. isie

    Whatsapp Queries, Problems and solutions

    I see quite a few threads around so thought i might as well make one dedicated thread to helping fellow MYBB guys. Have to note I'm a bit of a fanboy so my defence of the app is quite evident :D Common Queries: [-] Its expensive -no - first of all its about 2USD (which is nothing) a year -...