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  1. Pho3nix

    Tips to gain weight

    Hi all, So I lost quite a bit of weight after Covid and some stressful life events (25kg) and basically where I was at 21 weight wise. While somewhat better for my back (chronic back issues) , it has created an issue where I've lost muscle-mass on my back which was helping relieve some pain...
  2. Pho3nix

    Anyone that can vouch for the Reyee mesh routers?

    Hi, Need to sort out a mesh network as some dead-spots are becoming problematic lately. Anyone used these routers? Cheapest place seems to be Geewiz with this :
  3. Pho3nix

    Data Structures and Algorithms

    Hi everyone, So looking to move companies and figured I should start working on the above. Does anyone have any tips, books or tricks to jump start my brain. Been a long time since I did some of this as it wasn't part of the job per se. Registered on Leetcode and Hackerrank to practice their...
  4. Pho3nix

    Alternative to VLC

    Hi all, Curious of any alternatives to VLC on Mac? There was an app I think @SauRoNZA recommended a year or two ago but lost it. Is there anything else that you'd recommend?
  5. Pho3nix

    Another Another Which SUV thread.

    Hi all, Looking for a SUV to replace my SO's Mini. My ideal preference (X3 xDrive20d) seems to be scarce on the second hand market so looking for recommendations. Ideally 2017+ A bunch of airbags Diesel hopefully but a economical Petrol is okay. Bluetooth (as some cars still don't have???)...
  6. Pho3nix

    Linux Certifications to look into?

    Cloud certifications done and actually looking to get better at Linux. Any recommendations on a path to follow or not worth the energy?
  7. Pho3nix

    Is Private Banking worth it?

    Hi guys, So having turned 30 :| My cheap account at Standard Bank (Young Professional) needs to either move to an expensive Private Banking account or I move back to regular banking. What I did like though is a single point of entry for all my queries. 70% of the time I'd get great service...
  8. Pho3nix

    Sum of money appeared in account

    Hi guys, A substantial amount of money just appeared in my bank account. No idea where from :\ Anyone know what the protocol is to get it reversed? Going to call Standard Bank tomorrow to query the transaction.
  9. Pho3nix

    Block all calls on a MTN Sim

    Hi guys, Have a MTN eSim and really don't need it for calls. More especially since I got this sim card for data and the previous owner owes half of CPT money. Is there a short code or a method to block all calls on the sim card while still allowing data.
  10. Pho3nix

    Decent Life Insurance Conpany

    Hi guys, Looking to get decent life insurance that isn't linked to my workplace. Anyone have reviews* or can vouch for a specific company I'd appreciate it. Looking at Discovery and Old Mutual.
  11. Pho3nix

    Using Microsoft 365 Business with Domain email

    Hi guys, So started an email for a side venture with Absolute Hosting and would like them to continue managing my domain and emails. What I would also like to do is move to Microsoft 365 for business for Teams and SharePoint. Has anyone done this before? Know adding MX records and DNS records...
  12. Pho3nix

    Decent area in CPT - 2021

    Hi guys, Looking for recommendations for area's in CPT that are decent to stay in for a couple of days. Somewhere central as I'll be using Uber for beaches, vineyards etc. (if Oom Cyril says its okay) Please and thank you
  13. Pho3nix

    House/Apartment Investment Areas JHB

    Hi guys, Curious to find out for those that stay in JHB which area's are seen as investment or "growth" area's. Looking to either get an investment property or rent my current place out and move somewhere else where the value will grow. Looking at Fourways and Lonehill (Traffic is rubbish but...
  14. Pho3nix

    Shiftly? Anyone used it?

    Saw it mentioned in one of the thread. Think it was in the MTI one :D Looked it up and looks a little too good to be true? Anyone that has actually used the platform and can provide feedback?
  15. Pho3nix

    Decent Knife Brands?

    Hi guys, Looking for decent knives at the moment. Saw this Berlinger Haus but I see they are chinese ones that don't really seem to last long. Any recommendations that won't break the bank and can be added too?
  16. Pho3nix

    Financially makes sense?

    Hi guys, Have a car from 2017 but it's missing a spec of two :p Have seen another with much better specs. Same year and would probably hold me off for the next 10 years until I possibly have kids. Financially I might not be that worse off but curious if anyone done anything similar or if I am...
  17. Pho3nix

    What DevOps stuff's do you use at work/home?

    As my plunge into Linux continues, I'm learning Docker and Kubernates at the moment and it's been mentioned that it works amazingly well in DevOps. Thus the question. Built a GitLab enviroment and breaking my server with OpenShift. Work is mainly BitBucket/Bamboo -> OpenShift interesting for me...
  18. Pho3nix

    Can anyone recommend a carpenter?

    As the title states, anyone know a good carpenter in JHB? For cabinets and desk fabrication that needs to be done.
  19. Pho3nix

    Interest Rate Calculator

    Hi guys, Does anyone have a excel sheet that can compare interest rates over the lifetime of a loan? Need to do some calculations and I've had a little to much wine and google-fu is failing me a little bit. Just to see the saving/impact long term :) Please and thank you :) Side note : Anyone...
  20. Pho3nix

    How to use Nginx and PiHole

    Hi guys, So have a couple things running on port 80 with nginx already and wanted to try out PiHole. Went through a couple guides and still doesn't work :| Have this at the moment : location /pihole { return 301 $scheme://$host/pihole/; } location ^~ /pihole/ {...