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    What was your first mobile phone?

    Nokia 5110, cost me about 40 quid back then
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    Upgrade in the next couple of months

    I am currently living in South Wales and I am due an upgrade in the next couple of months. I am just starting to do some research now as there is so much available on the market. I don't want an iPhone so looking at Android. I currently have a Huawei P Smart but I don't really like that phone...
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    The 2019 Weight Loss Thread

    I have seen this thread before but not recently. I am in South Africa at the moment and I willstart when I get back to the UK, flying on Monday the 24 June 2019 and then I will take all the stats and start then...
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    Guava Jelly.

    Its not Jelly as it Jelly though, its like u get mint sauce and that kind of thing
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    Why is Lion beer so cheap?

    Which pick n pay in somerset west? I am here for the next 8 days so would be awesome topay a little less. I pay basically R20 at Tops in Somerset West
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    Guava Jelly.

    Hi all. My friends dad got some home made guava Jelly from a friend in Zambia today and we were wondering what u can have this with. Likemint sauce you have with lamb etc. Please advice. Thanks.
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    New giveaway - Win great prizes

    A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF CONFIDENCE DRIVING TECHNOLOGIES Like having a third eye and a sixth sense all at once, Nissan Intelligent Mobility gives you confidence on the...
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    Bread, booze and tobacco: South African food prices from 2008 vs 2018

    I have been living in Wales for almost 15 months now. I am flying top Cape Town on Wednesday. I am scared to see how much stuff costs in general now
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    Two-Day Giveaway - Win an Amazon Echo Smart Home Speaker with Alexa

    We’re rewarding our selected RED customers with one FREE delivery of up to R150 on the Rush Smart Courier platform. Our team is taking our “more than a contract" statement to new heights by offering additional value uniquely designed for your benefit.
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    Super Rugby 2018

    the game does not appear to be shown. Disappointed
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    Super Rugby 2018

    Will try this and let you know. Thanks :)
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    Super Rugby 2018

    I dont have Sky etc... I ususally use this one website but it appears they not showing the game only the Bulls game
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    Super Rugby 2018

    Stormers VS Lions game Hey all. I am in Wales and since I have the weekend off, I would love to be able to watch the Stormers VS Lions Game. WHere can I stream? Please don't say Supersport as I need a VPN for that and right now I dont have the cash for one. Please help
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    British and Irish Lions

    Hi there all Where can I stream the British and Irish Lions game?
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    Official Super Rugby 2016 Thread

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    Official Super Rugby 2016 Thread

    Guys what channel on the radio would the rugby be on?
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    Contract renewal

    A contract of mine is coming up for renewal on 1 March. I have decided I want to get an iPad or something. Which one would you recomend. I see MTN has one for R299 a month. Not too bad a deal
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    iPhone 6 or 6 plus?

    I have to wait until I can upgrade on 1 June 2015 but if I decide on the iPhone, it will more than likely bethe iPhone6, space grey but will wait for the closer date :)
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    iPhone 6

    I am keep on the iPhone 6 and I think I am due 1 Apeil 2015 I think so that should work out perfectly. Let's see what the price is then. If I have to drop the amount of airtime I get thats fine. I am just keen on the iPhone right now :D
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    Stormers Live Stream

    Hey guys what site can I use to live stream the Stormers game? Please help Thanks