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    Upgrade in the next couple of months

    I am currently living in South Wales and I am due an upgrade in the next couple of months. I am just starting to do some research now as there is so much available on the market. I don't want an iPhone so looking at Android. I currently have a Huawei P Smart but I don't really like that phone...
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    Guava Jelly.

    Hi all. My friends dad got some home made guava Jelly from a friend in Zambia today and we were wondering what u can have this with. Likemint sauce you have with lamb etc. Please advice. Thanks.
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    British and Irish Lions

    Hi there all Where can I stream the British and Irish Lions game?
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    Contract renewal

    A contract of mine is coming up for renewal on 1 March. I have decided I want to get an iPad or something. Which one would you recomend. I see MTN has one for R299 a month. Not too bad a deal
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    Stormers Live Stream

    Hey guys what site can I use to live stream the Stormers game? Please help Thanks
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    Iphone question

    hi a friend went to go get a contract on Vodacom for an iPhone 5. She was told that she would need a credit card to activate the iPhone. I have never heard of this and she does not have a credit card. She would also need like 5 months worth of bank statements but MTN is only like 3 so she...
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    What on earth is up with them???? I think they have totally lost the plot in all areas. Just heard on SABC3 that they going to continue to export electricity to other countries. How on earth can they do that when they cant even supply us with decent elec. They say load shedding is a thing of...
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    how can moods change so quickly. I am really happy one min but suddenly the next min i feel really sad and i cant think of anything right now that i should actually be sad about lol ;)