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    Monetary gift or commodity gift?

    If you were to be given a gift and you had to choose between getting cash or given a commodity which could grow over time, which would you choose?
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    Non-certified Microsoft Teams Headsets

    Hi all Microsoft Teams has a list of certified devices that work with it's PC app. However these tend to be a on the pricier side or difficult to find in South Africa. From your experience non-certified headset have you found to work well with MS Teams on a laptop? Preferably wireless ones.
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    Do you own your current property?

    After reading the various views about owning vs renting property in another thread (link), I'm curious to see what your current living situation is.
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    Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro - 128GB

    For Sale Item name (be very descriptive): Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro - 128GB Age and condition: 4 months old and hardly used. The device is in perfect condition however the screen protector is slightly cracked. Selling it with 2 additional accessories that I purchased for the device while using...
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    Setting up QoS on a VKom router

    Hi All I'm trying to set up a QoS rule on a VKom router to allow my laptop's MAC to have higher priority when connected onto the Wi-Fi. Can anyone help with setting this up?