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    How South Africa could pay for a universal basic income

    Read up about Gesara and Nesara which will happen soon.Its happening in the States already. Would have happened long ago if murder of Kennedy and 9/11 never happened.
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    Win awesome Seagate drives – Enter now

    As it’s a solid state drive, the Seagate Expansion SSD also offers greater reliability and much faster transfer speeds than typical external hard drives Article 2: With up to 5TB of storage, you will have space for hundreds of full-length movies, thousands of series episodes, or hundreds of...
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    Car trouble

    Have a Computer scan diagnosis done by a reputable mechanic.
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    The Great Reset Thread

    Read about Gesara alternative .America is being prepared for Nesara .Exciting times ahead.
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    Help needed for contact person in Vodacom Accounts dept.

    I need to contact a senior person in Vodacom accounts dept to help with my screwed up account. Can someone please supply contact person info whom I can communicate with regarding my problem.
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    Eskom wants solar panel users to pay more for electricity

    Let each province build their own pebble bed reactor system privately and sell electricity .
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    Cape Town says it’s ready to leave Eskom and load shedding behind – but needs national government to catch up

    Wonder what happened to the SA design of Pebble Bed Nuclear Reactor to generate electricity.
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    strongest metal epoxy glue to glue car door hinges

    Try spot welding.Most panel beaters have such a device.The welding done looks very bad.Any good boilermaker/Tig/Co2 welder can make a permanent repair .Alternatively use a nut/bolt ,pop rivet joint. The joint must be welded in a tack mode space evenly apart. Tig,MIg/Mag welding is ideal .The...
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    Concerns over COVID-19 vaccines being stolen in South Africa

    If your immune system is compromised and you have a chronic disease then the risks are very much higher of coming a candidate for Covid 19 infection .But if your immune system is strong and you are healthy then the risk is vey low of becoming infected with Covid 19.
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    Government to look at basic income grant for South Africa: Ramaphosa

    Follow DR Charlie Ward on you tube//internet regarding Nesara or Gesara .He is the official spokesmen for the -World Wide Quantum Financial,Education and Political system.Quatum Banking system is already being implemented worldwide.Swift money system has been replaced.Digital currency on its...
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    Glue for Glass

    Try Glue hot gun,Use it just about on .any thing
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    Vodacom Giveaway - Win your share of R2000

    Flexible and cost effective on-demand service Knowing your data is secure Customize solutions with guaranteed support through our AWS skilled team
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    Eft payment problem FNB to Vodacom

    Dont need snotty remarks.Dont suppose you have ever made a typing mistake.If you cant add any decent help then dont comment.
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    Eft payment problem FNB to Vodacom

    EFT transfer from FNB online banking not working cannot create beneficiary.Please help.Need simple step by step method that works.Generic Eft payment method does not work.FNB says problem is with Vodacom-re ref no,account no.
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    Where to get a xiaomi unbricked?

    Nothing helped .Had to send it to Xiaomi Agents in Jhb for reload of Os.
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    6v Rechargeable Battery type?

    Try and Google Lantern name for possible more info-who the agents are.