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    Understanding SENS and obtaining information about JSE company happenings before others

    Hi all Is there someone who can tell me if the SENS feature on the JSE is the best way to find information, deals, mergers, acquisitions, recruitment etc about JSE companies or is there another method or website that supplies such information quicker or provides fairly reliable predictions on...
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    Shipping from china

    Thanks for the replies
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    Shipping from china

    Has anyone had any experience importing from China? From alibaba and other places. How can one decrease the delivery times to under a week, that isn't going to cost an arm and a leg. Looking at selling low cost items on my website, but the DHL shipping is just much too expensive to make it...
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    San marzano canned tomatoes

    Hi all. Where can I get San marzano canned tomatoes that aren't too expensive? Ideal from a nationwide store. I'm located in stellenbosch Thanks
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    Looking for a bulk sales warehouse in cape town

    Does anyone know where in Cape Town I can buy any resalable items in bulk for cheap? I am looking at buying items to resell for a little profit while at university.