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    Installing a .tar.gz application.

    I want to install the Linux version of NCH VRS. I've had the Windows version running since 2005, and I think it's time to turn off that old Windows 2000 workhorse, and transfer the call recording function to my low power Ubuntu server 10.10. I've managed to wget the file, unpack it, and...
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    Back in the day...

    when SMSs were free, and the web was but a pup... You could send an SMS to a cell phone by just emailing (or something to that effect). Now I know that this would be unbelievably abused these days, so it's probably been shut down for years already, but is there any...
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    Cold shower for Cup's very first casualty

    This was on the FRONT PAGE of The Times, this morning.:D Source How embarrassing. After all my drunken antics, I don't think I've ever made the front page of a foreign paper. Well done Jerry, on a successful night out.:D
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    Eskom would be sustainable with yearly tariff rises of 25%

    Full Article I wonder if their study made sufficient allowances for bribes and kickbacks. Why should a power station in SA cost double what it would cost to build in the States?
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    HP to Aquire 3Com

    Got this in my email this morning. HP has the worst customer support on earth. 3Com has lost a customer with this deal.
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    Reliable DNS

    I'm not sure if it's just me, but I've got no international at the moment (I'm not capped), so Open DNS isn't working, and Telkom doesn't want ADSL users setting static addresses for their DNS servers. So, what is the best way to handle DNS. I'm running everything through a RouterBoard, so it...
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    The Greatest Game Ever (part 4) - 1 week to launch

    Can't wait. Going to brush up on td3 now. Hope td4 has better quad core utilisation!
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    Should I risk it?

    I'm faced with a dilemma. Last month (at the end of the month) I set up 2 pppoe connections on my piece of **** Siemens non-routing "router" (both local only). On the first of this month I disconnected connection 1, and reconnected. And hey presto, I had a local only connection using this...
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    How do you store your data?

    With all the HDD failures these days, I've started to worry about my data. After all, it's the only irreplaceable part in my PC. How do you protect yours? At first i considered RAID 1 using the onboard RAID in the PC. My plans were foiled when Windows install asked for a RAID drivers floppy...
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    HELP! Changing OpenOffice locale defaults

    OpenOffice is pretty locked down as far as locale defaults are concerned. The value I want to change is the thousands separator from "," to " ". Does anyone know how to do it? I've looked in the localedata_en.dll file, and changed the only "," is saw to a " ", but this just causes OpenOffice to...
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    100 Days To Go!

    According to SEACOM Where's the party?
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    Macs are for fanbois and arty types

    It's time for me to get a new computer, so, given all the hype, I looked at a Mac. Sorry, they just can't compete. PC Setup Intel motherboard Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83GHz 2 x 2 GB RAM 2 x 1 TB HDD (raid 1) Case OS (Windows) Cost: just less than R 11 000 Mac setup God...
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    Caution - I've just bought a Mikrotik routerboard

    Nobody told me I'd have to learn linux just to operate it. So over the past few days I've been learning about iptables, DHCP, NAT and so on. I now fear that I may never get laid again. Is there any way to unlearn linux? I never wanted to be a sysadmin, all I wanted was a working router. Help...
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    The "Who's got AGP graphics cards in stock?" thread.

    If anyone has information on available stock of these cards, please post here. I know I'm not the only one looking for one of these, so any info will be helpful to a few forumites. Personally, I'm looking for something cheap. I need DVI, but not much else, and I don't want to spend a grand on...
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    Lenovo L220x

    Has anyone got one of these monitors. It looks like they were available in SA at some point, but not any more. Please contact me if you've got one in stock. Thanks.
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    DIY Fibre termination

    I tend to install Cat 5 for all my networking needs. (I've even tracked down some gel filled, PE sheathed stuff for underground.) All I've ever used is a stripper and a RJ45 crimper. Can I follow the same cheapass, amateur approach with fibre. I was thinking of buying the terminations (ST or...