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  1. McSack

    ADSL vs LTE?

    So we're moving out of the big city to a small dorp in the Freestate that doesn't have fibre. I'm in 2 minds about which way to go with interwebs. A lot of my work involves online facilitation so the network needs to be reliable. It has been ages since I was on copper. Anyone got current...
  2. McSack

    Netflix blocked on WebAfrica?

    Wierd Recently moved into a new spot ... had fibre installed and at the same time decided to go with a new ISP (WebAfrica) So after much unpacking tonight I decide to get the entertainment sorted but for some reason can't connect to Netflix from any device over on fibre. Switch over to hotspot...
  3. McSack

    JRA protesters trash Joburg streets

    Sauce Fskers are rioting ...they are not protesting :mad: Tires are being offloaded from JRA trucks and burned in the streets along with rubbish dumped out of bins. Honestly ...stun grenades...tear gas....water cannons ... rubber bullets ....are what are needed here. Authorities need to stop...
  4. McSack

    Bring me my recording contract: Jacob Zuma to make struggle song album

    Just when you thought the old fsker was out of the loop, the cANCer finds a way to get moar munniez out the back door
  5. McSack

    JHB NE suburbs out again

    Issues at Kelvin Power Station and Sebenza substation again :mad: Kensington all the way out to Alex and Bryanston CityPower Twatter
  6. McSack


    Am I reading this right ? :eek: Juli-ass takes on the media prize chop :rolleyes: ... but clever play on words