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    DSTV & OpenView HD 1 dish or 2?

    Hello Gurus, Can't seem to find reliable information on this, so if anyone knows please advise. I have existing active DSTV with DSTV Dish with a SMART LNB. The SMART LNB has 6 ports - 4xUnicable ports & 2xUniversal ports. I'm wanting to add OpenView. Can I use the existing DSTV Dish+LNB or do...
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    DHA *Online* Applications for SMART ID - CLOSED

    Anyone know when DHA Online Applications for SMART ID will re-open? It's an ONLINE process - not sure why it's closed in the first place.
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    Zondo commission: Ex-police minister was unaware his chief of staff was a convicted fraudster

    You can't make this stuff up.
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    Telkom VoIP

    Anyone using Telkom Business VoIP? This is offered as a Business Service The FAQ has the following info: I have two exiting Telkom POTS lines and looking to convert them to VoIP. I'm thinking of using a: Yealink T53W desk phone which allows...
  5. system32

    Telkom VoIP Business Voice Plan

    I need some advice on Telkom Business VoIP Voice Plan There are 3 plans: 1.VoIP Voice Plan* 1 Voice Session (SIP) Zero Subscription fee 2.Unlimited VoIP Plan 5* 5 Voice Session (SIP) R1500 Subscription fee 3.Unlimited VoIP Plan 10* 10 Voice...
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    Big BitCo Wireless price cuts and network upgrade This is a Business Wireless offering 10Mbps – R1,999 per month Was R2,499 p/m Installation only R999 Includes 5 standard Virtual PBX extensions 20Mbps – R2,499 per month Was R3,499 p/m...
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    Unauthorized MTN SIM Swap

    Hello MYBB friends - need some advice... At 9pm on Sunday, I got this message from 30735: Y'ello! Thank you for your SIM Swap Request, for security reasons your SIM Swap will only be processed from 07h00. Regards MTN And also: Y'ello! SIM Swap received for 2783xxxxxxx. To process...
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    Got some fines to pay.:cry: Tried to use - site down, it's dead, no redirect, nothing. :mad: Seems they've moved on to So I register for paycity and now they want me to upload: Scan of South African ID/Passport Scan of the face of my credit card WTF? Gurus: Is...
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    Apple Tampered with Evidence in German Apple v Samsung Case

    According to these 2 web sites: Apple Photoshopped the images submitted as evidence
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    MTN Internet High - Uncapped Lite / Uncapped Pro - what's the Fair Use Policy?

    I was browsing the MTN Data "Internet High" packages: With a maximum speed of "R21.1MB/Sec" and "Uncapped" with a Fair Use of "3GB" I can't find any explanation of the Fair Use on You would think...