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  1. Nithan15

    Advice on New Router

    Hi All With the vumatel upgrade being offered I realised my current TP Link Archer D50 is out dated and max out at 100mbps which is my current speed, so I need to change my router as the D50 has aged and outdated. I am thinking of the router below, anyone have any experience with it ? Is it a...
  2. Nithan15

    Issues On PS3 PSN Sign in After update 4.89 Yesterday

    Hi Is anyone else having any issues logging into the PSN network after yesterdays update. I get to the sign in page put in my user ID and password - taken to a screen with a QR code. Go to the site, login generate a password Come back to the console input the password press continue and it...
  3. Nithan15

    Programming Battery after replacement

    Hi All Any one managed to have their battery replaced at a reputable place not dealership and still have their battery programmed? Think I might be in for a new battery soon since I do less driving and therefore the car doesnt charge up like it used to pre work from home.
  4. Nithan15

    Free - 1.2M Satelite Dish

    I have a satellite dish that's taking up space, used it at my old place no need for it at my new place. Anyone wants it and can move it, its yours Mahalala . All brackets included, no LNB on it I think someone took that.
  5. Nithan15

    VOX Rep

    Hi Does anyone know if there is a VOX rep on this forum?
  6. Nithan15

    For Free - Brand New Sealed Ford Air Filter

    Item: Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost Air Filter Age: Brand New Price: Free Warranty: No Packaging: Sealed in a bag with Ford Spain labelling on it Condition: Brand New Location: Sandton\Roodepoort Reason: My Car has a lifelong K and N pan filter, Car was serviced on Friday and part of the...