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    Import Duty - Cricket Bat

    Thanks Snyper564, you are a legend.
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    Import Duty - Cricket Bat

    Hi Guys I want to import a bat or two from India. I really tried my best but can't seem to find the correct code on the tariff list. Would really appreciate it if someone could be kind enough to help me out. Let's work on a price of around 40,000 INR Thanks a lot!
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    LG Oled CX Series - 65 or 55 inch?

    Subbed in case a 65" pops up for sale somewhere.
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    FNB frustrations - verified device/browser

    Must be, something is definitely up. Trying to get someone to assistance is definitely going to be usual.
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    FNB frustrations - verified device/browser

    This is driving me flippen insane. I can basically render my laptop useless when it comes to FNB. No matter what I do, I cannot use FNB Online Banking on my PC. I've even gone as far as to write down my IP address. No change in the last 3 weeks. Every single time I make a payment it gets...
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    Which VPN is the best?

    I use Windscribe via Wireguard on my Router and then ProtonVPN with their Windows App simultaneously. Happy with both. Get 18mpbs down on a 20meg line.
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    Good value home office printer/copier/scanner

    Just bought an HP M283fdw and pretty happy so far. Good luck finding ANY stock on Brother printers. Most expect stock to start coming in beginning of August.
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    Openserve and Telkom Speed Upgrade... Has anyone been upgraded?

    Absolutely no problem. On the same package but line not upgraded yet. Will wait a bit, hopefully it comes through soon. Which area are you in if you don't mind me asking? Somerset West this side.
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    Openserve and Telkom Speed Upgrade... Has anyone been upgraded?

    Were you on the "old" lagacy package? 8mbps @ R399?
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    TCP vs UDP in Applications

    Thank you very much guys. TCP it is. :)
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    TCP vs UDP in Applications

    Hi Guys I always start my threads with "I know very little about networking", however...I like to tinker about and learn as I go along. Question... How do I know whether an application sends traffic through the TCP or UDP protocol? I am specifically curious to know whether the MT4 Trading...
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    Mirror (non)Trading International 2 - The Fallout

    Ek dink die storie het sy gat gesien.
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    Mirror (non)Trading International 2 - The Fallout
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    SA has a backlog of 320,000 driver’s licences - And it is caused by corrupt officials

    Western Cape Applied online 29th of August Paid 20th of September Still waiting 3 vehicles
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    Mirror Trading International

    Just pissed myself with laughter, thanks for starting my week on a positive note.
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    Virginmoney CC discontinued

    Check Spam folder, Sender "Campaigns" Subject line "Discontinuation of our Virgin Money-branded credit cards" Date 25 Aug 2020.
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    Virginmoney CC discontinued

    Have any of you took the ABSA offer? Or... Where did you guys go? How do I go about things?