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  1. Moeketsi Maphela

    IMAX Gateway Durban

    Hello, I've been reading some pretty dated articles where people were complaining about the IMAX screen at Gateway saying it was heavily downgraded compared to traditional IMAX. I'm interested in watching Avengers Endgame there but am now wondering if that IMAX theater is really worth the extra...
  2. Moeketsi Maphela

    Samsung Galaxy S10 – South African contract pricing

    Wow. .. everything is expensive in this country, isn't the 10e supposed to start at $750?
  3. Moeketsi Maphela

    Special Import Samsung

    Thank you, just put the order in... I have my fingers crossed to give back some good feedback.
  4. Moeketsi Maphela

    Special Import Samsung

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a Samsung special import phone with dual sim but I have no experience at all with special imports. Will the phone be able to support LTE and Samsung pay?