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    Someone keeps hacking my network

    Greetings all, and compliments for the new year. So for the past two years (at least), there appears to be someone attacking my home network. This includes my laptop, my kids desktops, as well as every other device that’s connected on my home network including smart TV’s etc. Symptoms; My...
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    MTN Credit Limit

    So I’m with MTN for over 15 years, subscription payed religiously on time. Last week I applied for three new data contracts, fairly cheap ones; around R70 each, for my kids. It’s been a week now and MTN cannot process my transaction! I’ve spoke to the numerous guys on 135, spoke to retentions...
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    Budget Gaming PC

    Hi everyone, I’ve been out of the gaming scene for a while now, and the time has come for me to purchase a gaming machine for my son. I really am out of the loop with regards to the best bang for buck etc. so would really appreciate your advice. Budget is 14k, he plays Fortnight mostly and...