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    Interest Rate Hike

    And just like that things got more expensive...
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    Shengen Visa - How to?

    We planning on traveling to Spain in August, and need to get my Shengen sorted. The last time i did it was in 2015, so cant remember the process :( Could someone give some guidance on it? Maybe routes they used?
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    Sending a parcel overseas

    Hey Everyone. Im looking to send a parcel to Wellington, NZ. Does anyone have recommendations on a service to use? Parcel is about the size of a shoebox. Its some meds (With a prescription) and clothing. The quotes ive gotten from the likes of DHL have been crazy high (4k +) Thanks a mil
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    Standard Bank Mobile

    Hey Guys, Im looking for some feedback from those that have made use of the Standard Bank Mobile offerings. Their packages seem decent and they use the CellC services as a backbone. Just general reviews, experiences etc. For reference:
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    Looking for a consumer grade server rack

    Hey Guys, Im looking for a wall mount server rack for my office. The idea is that this needs to house my router, some Unifi POE injectors, power supply of sorts and some POE injectors for Cameras. As much as it would be "hidden" behind a door i would still like something that looks decent...
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    Bonus/Increase Season - How has COVID affected you?

    For many people, its bonus/increase month this month. Have you seen a negative affect as a result of the pandemic? For my team, bonus are down between 25-55%... We still consider ourselves lucky to be getting them at all. Increases are in line with most years.
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    Executor of Will?

    I recently had a family member pass away and I today got a letter from an attorney to have my uncle made the executor of his will as there were no executors named in his will. What exactly is this and how does it impact me? Not sure why I needed to sign the document. Sorry, this is the first...
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    Find my iPhone App

    So, Someone decided to use the 10 finger discount on my iPad... Realised this morning, as i thought it was in my laptop bag, and only realised after i got to work this morning. So i logged onto iCloud, and opened the App... It showed that my iPad was a few block up from my work, on Fox...
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    Control PC with iPad

    Hey Guys. Im looking for an app (Preferably free), that i can use to duplicate my PC monitor on my iPad, and control it via the iPad. It doesn't need to be anything crazy, as i will literally be pressing 2 buttons on the PC via the iPad. I tried using Remote Desktop Apps, but the problem is...
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    rAge tickets available - I can't go....

    Hey Guys, So when i heard that the rAge tickets were on sale, i bought kinda spur of the moment, as i know that they sell out quite quickly... But when i mentioned it to my mom today, she reminded me that we in Durban that whole week... :mad: So this really sucks... :cry: But good...